February 2018 SW Florida Fishing Report

By Captain Terry Fisher

The first few days of February provided some of the better inshore fishing of the year. I have had most success with my inshore charters catching fish on the late morning to mid-afternoon incoming tides, as northern and easterly winds left lower water levels during the morning hours. This trend will continue from today (February 7) and throughout the weekend. Next week, things should revert to more favorable morning tide conditions. Some of the more recent charter memories and catches are highlighted below:

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Winter Fishing in SW Florida

By Captain Terry Fisher

January fishing had many challenges due to cold fronts, winds, lower tides and a Super Moon to end the month. The cold fronts discouraged anglers and boaters from leaving the warmth of their homes, rental houses, hotels and condos. High winds echoed watercraft advisories. North and easterly wind directions refused to allow water into some of the estuary locations by creating low water levels and the Super Moon triggered mass land exposures throughout Pine Island Sound.

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First Fishing Report of 2018

By Captain Terry Fisher

The first week of January was cold and windy, although the fishing was good for those willing to brave the cold and the winds. Naturally, I scheduled the charters for times and locations that would produce some results. The Cyclone Bomb (extreme cold and winds) that blew across the country had and is still having, a devastating effect on the inshore bites from Seatrouts, Spanish Mackerel and Pompano. However, it did bring in some nice Sheepshead and provided my anglers with some great action on light tackle. Small Snook, Black Drum and Mangrove Snapper were only somewhat active. Offshore fishing has been virtually non-existence basically due to high winds.

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Fishing Franks Logo

Fishin’ Frank update

Cool weather brings changes and challenges but the fish are biting. Trout are biting well on most grass flats. Cobia are on the east side flats and the inshore artificial reefs (please note the new recreational and commercial limit from FWC). Snook are doing great on the mangroves and on flats near the mangroves. Redfish are sparse but are starting to show up near the canal mouths as they are moving into the canals.

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Post Boat Show Fishing Report

by Captain Terry Fisher 

Once again the 2017 Ft. Myers Boat Show proved to be a fantastic display of marine products. I have worked the Boat Show for at least 5 years and every year it grows, featuring more vendors offering an array of marine and marine related products.  It was really great seeing many of our friends and clients when they stopped by the Fish Face Charters/Coastal Angler Magazine booth to say hello, reserve a date on the water and pickup a copy of the November issue of the best and most informative boating and fishing publication for our area.

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2017 Ft. Myers Boat Show Fishing Report

Mid and late October fishing proved to be somewhat better than I actually expected, given my comments on my latest report. One may recall, I mentioned many fishing guides presented dismal accounts of inshore catches and I was concerned that my luck would run out. Nonetheless, I was fortunate to find and catch a variety of species, including Redfish at some of the more productive, pre-hurricane (Irma) locations.

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Late October Fishing in SW Florida

By Captain Terry Fisher

Early October proved to produce a variety of fish, even though Hurricane Irma played havoc on water levels and water quality. I just returned from a diving and fishing trip to the Turks/Caicos Islands, but prior to departing I had the opportunity to take out some truly good anglers out and test the inshore fishing grounds for Seatrout, Mangrove Snapper, Snook, Sheepshead, Black Drum and Redfish.

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October Fishing in SW Florida

By Captain Terry Fisher

Early October failed to produce a lot of charters as well as opportunities to boat or fish in as much as strong winds and rain put a damper on things. The weather forecast for the week of the 8th of October is looking pretty good and should allow access to both inshore and offshore locations.  Unfortunately, I will not get to join the hunt for RED OCTOBER (Redfish) until the week of the 15th as I am traveling to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Fortunately however, I will have a week of Scuba Diving and some fly fishing, on the flats of those islands and cays.

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Post Hurricane Irma Fishing Report

By Captain Terry Fisher

The waters are still dark and dreary from Hurricane Irma. However, Mullet are everywhere and in bigger schools than I have seen in a long time. A variety of fish are biting, if and when you locate them, as there is not a lot of fishing pressure, due mostly to the time of year along with efforts to clean up after the storm. Baits such as shrimp are as good as I have seen prior to the storm. Other baitfish; for cast netting are off the beaches and are more active during mid-morning hours.

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