Boating and Fishing this summer appear to be the preferred past time of Floridians to get out and about during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Outdoor activities offer freedom from confined, indoor activities that make Social Distancing very hard to manage. Nothing like being on the water enjoying our beautiful weather. I predict that the marine industry will continue to drive the economy long after the Corona Virus is gone.

Davis Hasson holding Redfish

If I had not witnessed the onslaught of the last few months of boat and fishing equipment purchases, I would not have believed it. It is a great thing and many people that were used to doing other things for enjoyment have joined the ranks of boaters and fishermen.

Marine related industry sales have surged and the fish bite has been really good.

Eventhough many of the fish species are prohibited from harvesting, there are no laws that prevent anglers from catch and release. Among the inshore species that have harvest closures are Seatrout, Snook and Redfish. However, other inshore species such as Mangrove Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder and Pompano are allowed to be harvested. I am not aware of any offshore species that have closure, except for the American Red Snapper. Most every species have restrictions as the size and quantities, but harvesting rule changes were very moderate. Be sure and check on latest updates for harvesting of any species with FWC. Most of these comments are restricted to SW Florida as other areas of the state law may vary on particular species.

Redfish, Snook and Seatrouts are abundant all over the Pine Island Sound area. For example; Pictured is Davis Hasson of Naples, Florida with his recent catch in Pine Island Sound (north) of the largest summer Redfish I have had the opportunity to photograph. Davis and my friendship are ongoing and strong. He loves to fish and is considering obtaining his Captain’s License to pursue his love of the water and fishing. Go for it Davis!

On the southern end of Pine Island Sound, Ken Laszczych of Cape Coral in holding a Redfish he landed on a recent charter with me. Ken is an avid fisherman and recently moved here from Virginia and has got most of the inshore species mastered. Nice job Ken!

Fishing is fantastic. Good tides and clean water. Now is the time to enjoy fishing in SW Florida. My charters are catching lots of fish. Not unusual to catch a hundred fish on half day (4 hours) charter. Shrimps are the bait of choice either suspended under and cork on the seabed. Artificial baits will work, but not like live or fresh shrimp.

This is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters LLC. Check out my website at Email [email protected] or call me direct at 239-357-6829 to book a charter on my boat or yours, as I am available as ‘Captain for Hire’ on your vessel by the hour.

by Captain Terry Fisher

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