“Full Moon Rising!” Says Captain Terry

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)

Full Moon Rising! It appears that the next number of days will provide great fishing accompanied by good weather and good tides. Last week the tropical storm prevented fishing, but as of last Saturday (September 3rd) everything seemed to be returning to normal, including the fish bite. Captain Davey Dunlap and I fished the Redfish Flats Invitational (Ronald McDonald Sponsorship) out of Cape Harbour in Cape Coral. We finished in the money with two Redfish weighing in at approximately 10lbs. 9 oz.

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Captain Terry’s Father’s Day Fishing Report

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)

Father’s Day weekend proved to be fantastic fishing. The moon was full and the tides were high providing good opportunity all week long. I had better results in areas north of the Sanibel power lines. The release of water from Lake O continues to muddy the water up around the mouth of the river and continues to have a negative impact on the fishing. Water north of the power lines is much cleaner and continues to produce Sea Trout, Redfish, Tarpon, Snook and other species. It seems that the further one goes north up the Inter-Coastal, the better the fishing is.

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Fishin’ Frank’s April Fishing Update

Cobia, Sharks, and Tarpon have all moved into the Harbor, and the cool thing is that they are eating dead bait. Quite often you need to catch and use fresh live bait to get these fish to eat, but reports from 3 different boats, that were fishin the middle of the Harbor to down off Cape Haze, showed that they are eating frozen bait which worked as well as or better than the live bait.

Mullet, Ladyfish, and Threadfin are all doing good, but uncut whole Threadfins, either free line or better yet 5 feet under a float, is the best of the three. For the Tarpon and Cobia, both fish are hitting and the boats have been anchored up and they seem not to mind sharing the space. One other thing to mention, cutting the bait in half as I would think to do, is not good, as they want them whole.

Sharks are hitting better off the bottom using sinkers to keep the bait down, and any of the three types of bait cut into pieces is better than whole.

Fishin’ Frank updates us on some bridge fishing & Turtle Bay action!

Today’s update is on pier fishing or in this case bridge fishing. The Cobia and Tarpon are being hooked at the 41 bridges, with cut bait or lures that look like an eel green, white or brown lure colors.

For you boaters, Turtle Bay is loaded with Sea Trout. Use a 1/8 ounce yellow or bright green jig head, with a 3 inch Gulp new penny shrimp body, placed 30 inches below a poppin cork for the most fish. Heading into Turtle Bay, go past the manatee signs and then head up wind. You will want to drift this flat for the Trout. Then cast out a good ways and pop the cork and watch it disappear. IOW Fish On!

For more information on Turtle Bay, visit my page at: http://fishinfranks.com/turtle_bay.htm

“October is the month!” says captain Terry

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) My 1st Mate (Vicki) and I recently returned from our ‘ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL FISHING AND DIVING EXPEDITION’ in Greece and Italy. I am happy to be back in SW Florida to do some serious ‘Redfishing’ and Snook fishing. October is the month! As reported prior to traveling, I was on them before I left and I have been on them since my return of October 1. Prior to departing on September 1, I had the pleasure of taking out three gentlemen from The Quarry in Naples. They are all members of the Quarry Fishing Club and they all caught their share of big Redfish. Pictured here are Tom Bothe (center), Jim Rainey (right side) and Bill Flister each holding one of their many catches. Bill (pictured on the left) is also the President of The Quarry Fishing Club, of which I plan on doing a seminar at their clubhouse later this month.


The ‘NEW’ moon phase is upon us offering up some strong currents and hopefully lots more action over the next week or so. That being said however, with all of the rain, tide levels should remain higher than projected past the middle of the month, allowing access to locations that these game fish seek for food and extra protection. The balance of October will bring in a ‘FULL’ moon phase, keeping good fishing opportunities alive all month. Target both Snook and Redfish with artificial or live presentations on the incoming or outgoing tides around the mangroves.

Moreover, October is simply a great month to fish. Good tides, good wind directions and many species, such as Seatrouts, Flounders, Spanish Mackerels, Mangrove Snappers, Jack Crevalles and the ‘Resident’ Tarpon continuing to be very active. They will all hit shrimp on the flats and around the mangroves under a popping cork presentation.

This is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters wishing everyone ‘tighter’ lines! Check out my website at www.fishfacecharters.com for more fishing tips on the ‘links’ as well as charter information. I am easily reached via email at fishfacecharters@yahoo.com or call me direct at 239-357-6829 to book an ‘October Redfish or Snook Charter’!


“The Snook bite is excellent, especially when using live Pilchards.” says Captain Terry

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbour) Fishing was ‘OK’ the last few days as we struggled through the 1/4 moon phase approaching a ‘new moon’. However all of next week should produce good opportunities as tides become higher during daylight hours providing strong currents, with good oxygenation. Tarpon are in good numbers just off of Captiva Beach just south of Redfish Pass. One may find them anywhere from the swim buoys to a few yards out. They are in Boca Grande Pass as well. The baits of choice are Threadfins, Crabs, Pinfish and Mullet. I suggest getting the baits down with a weight once the schools are spotted and moving toward the boat.

The Snook bite is excellent, especially when using live Pilchards. The problem is finding the Pilchards. Redfish seem to prefer large shrimp and cut baits such as, Pinfish or Ladyfish. Fish both species on the incoming or outgoing tides.

Seatrout and Spanish Mackerel will both be taken on grass and sand flats. I prefer to use a weighted jig head under a cork in 5 to 6 foot of water. It is hot in the afternoon and these fish are looking to ‘beat the heat’! Mangrove Snappers are around the mangroves, as their name suggest. Use a circle hook under a small cork loaded with a small shrimp. Regardless of the species, always try to fish on a moving tide as ‘slack’ tides normally do not produce as good.


Pictured here are two of my recent family charters featuring youthful, ‘junior’ anglers. Firstly, the Kudlac family; John, Lea, Natasha and Alexandra from Greenville, S. C. Natasha (12) is holding a small Jack Crevalle. Her sister Alexandra (8) is holding a big Spanish Mackerel she caught. Not to be outdone, Lea caught a beautiful Seatrout measuring over 20 inches.

Natasha's-Jack-Crevalle Alexander's-Mackerel Lea-Kudlac-Trout


The Boethel family; Carl, Christy, Colter and Owen of Belton, Texas. Colter (10), is holding one of many Seatrout he caught. His 8 year old brother, Owen is holding a 17 inch Seatrout he caught on a shrimp under a cork. Both boys had a good day of catching as did their mother, Christy who caught a 3 ft. shark! I am looking forward to taking both families out again next year!

Colter's-Seatrout Owen's-Seatrout

This is Captain Terry Fisher wishing everyone tight lines! Charter information may be obtained on my website: www.fishfacecharters.com. Charters may be booked via email at fishfacecharters@yahoo.com or by calling direct at 239-357-6829.

“I expect the big bull Redfish to come in from the gulf sooner than later this year.” Says Captain Terry

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) Summer is here and the fishing has been fair. This week brings forward a ‘full’ moon phase offering high tide levels and access to remote areas not accessible to many anglers during ‘mid-moon’ phases. Hopefully, the currents will provide more oxygen and improve the ‘bite’. Threadfin’s are fairly plentiful and are best for Snook and Tarpon. Unfortunately, ‘white’ bait fishes have been scarce.

Therefore, the baits of choice for Redfish, other than artificial presentations, will be big shrimps, cut Pinfish and crabs. Redfish are showing up more and more and with the early hot temperatures, I expect the big bull Redfish to come in from the gulf sooner than later this year. Seatrout have been hard to find with any size to them. Look for them to hold up in deeper holes during the hot days of the week and use small shrimps to insure lots of action from the species. Tarpon are still in the area, mostly off the beaches and in Boca Grande Pass. Crabs seem to be the most effective bait.

Offshore should be good so long as the weather permits. Be safe and try to get in early to mid-afternoon ahead of the storms. Inshore boaters and anglers should be cautious as well.

Over the last few months I have had great pleasure to take out several ‘Junior’ anglers. Pictured here from Lakeville, MN. is Aidan Andre (9) holding just one of many fish he caught while fishing Pine Island Sound. Great going Aidan!


Six (6) year old, Kinley Gillihan of Kansas City, Missouri is pictured with a nice Seatrout she caught. Kinley also caught a shark all by herself. She is a terrific future ‘lady’ angler!


The Jacobs Family from St. Charles, Missouri (once my home town area), accompanied me on a charter. Lee (11) is holding a Jack Crevalle he caught. His brother Austin (9), is pictured with a nice Seatrout. Both boys caught their share of fish and are destined to be ‘big time’ anglers! The family (Karen, Todd, Lee and Austin) are pictured together after a wonderful afternoon on the water. Thank you Karen and Todd. I enjoyed the time we had together!


Until the next ‘report’; this is Captain Terry Fisher wishing everyone tight lines and safe boating. Charter information may be obtained by calling me at 239-357-6829 or emailing me at fishfacecharters.com. More articles and information may be found on my website at www.fishfacecharters.com

Captain Terry says “It is a ‘full’ moon and Tarpon are everywhere.”

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) Looking back on the last few weeks brings good memories of a large number of Snook caught. My favorite Canadian client; Mr. Gino Mascarin (with Captain Terry) and his friend Jennifer Wintermans, both of Thunder Bay, Ontario are pictured here with a couple of nice Snook they caught during their annual visit to Cape Coral. Gino is a world class fisherman whose ranking is annually threatened by Jenifer who is on the verge of ‘out-doing’ him. She is relative new to salt water angling, but continues to become more involved and successful with each expedition. Gino capitalizes on his ability each time a big game fish takes the presentation. His catch percentage is second to none. Nice Job Gino and Jenifer!


Not to be outdone, Mr. Martin Smith of Cape Coral closed the spring Snook season out with an impressive Snook that pushed 38 inches. Moreover, due to light tackle, a couple of other large ones that took presentations, got deep into the mangroves before he was able to get them turned. The good news is: catching Snook is a year round ordeal! Plenty of them out there to give everyone the opportunity for a ‘Snook of a lifetime’.


It is a ‘full’ moon and Tarpon are everywhere. They are taking crabs, Pinfish, Threadfins Lady Fish, Mullet, Catfish fillets and Mackerel fillets ‘free-lined’ or cut . Hopefully, the winds will subside over the next few days and offer more opportunities to work the passes and the west side of the outer islands.

Redfish making appearances. Get to the mangroves before the tides ‘max’ out for the best chances. They are biting cut baits and live Shrimp presentations on a regular basis. Seatrout in good numbers and decent sizes. Lots of Jack Crevalle as well.

Offshore; Cobia, Permit, Grouper, Triple Tail, Porgy’s, King Fish, Spanish Mackerel and Tarpon are all here and are providing plenty of action.

This is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish face Charters wishing everyone safe boating, ‘tighter lines’ and Cinco de Mayo! Charter information may be obtained by calling me direct at 239-357-6829 or emailing me at fishfacecharters@yahoo.com. Check out my website: www.fishfacecharters for more information and articles.