Captain Terry Fisher’s SW Florida Fishing Report for September 26, 2016

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)

Last week produced good fishing offshore as well as inshore. Red Grouper, Lane Snapper, Permit, Gray Snappers and a few Cobia were caught on live Pinfish, shrimp, squid and crabs. Many fisherman and guides enjoyed a good bite anywhere from 3 to 30 miles offshore.

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“Full Moon Rising!” Says Captain Terry

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)

Full Moon Rising! It appears that the next number of days will provide great fishing accompanied by good weather and good tides. Last week the tropical storm prevented fishing, but as of last Saturday (September 3rd) everything seemed to be returning to normal, including the fish bite. Captain Davey Dunlap and I fished the Redfish Flats Invitational (Ronald McDonald Sponsorship) out of Cape Harbour in Cape Coral. We finished in the money with two Redfish weighing in at approximately 10lbs. 9 oz.

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Captain Terry says “Fishing remains good inshore”

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)
August 17, 2016

Fishing remains good inshore, especially early mornings on high incoming or outgoing tides for Seatrout on the flats. Troll for Spanish Mackerel around Sanibel Lighthouse, in Redfish, N. Captiva and Boca Grande Passes, using spoons with swivels and 40lb monofilament leaders. Fish for large, Mangrove Snappers in the passes using small circle hooks, 3oz. lead weights with shrimps or small Pinfish for bait.

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Captain Terry Says “Early morning fishing should be good”

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)

Early morning fishing (inshore and offshore) should be good over the next 10 days or so. We have a ‘New-Moon’ phase bringing in high water levels for the inshore anglers together with strong water currents that should enhance opportunities for offshore anglers as well.

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Captain Terry says “Pilchards are arriving in bigger numbers”

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)

My positive report of July 4th – July 11th was predicated on high tide levels with strong currents due to a new moon phase. Unfortunately, the tide predictions were wrong and we experienced lower water levels, weaker currents and less fish activity. Nonetheless, Pilchards are arriving in bigger numbers and that is a good sign for those wanting live bait. They are small (hatchlings), but are growing and should provide good sizes by the end of the month, just in time for the full moon tides. I recommend a ¼ mess net.

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Captain Terry Fisher’s 4th of July Fishing Report

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)

This weekend and the first full week of July should offer anglers great opportunity to catch their fish of a lifetime. In ‘light’ of a new moon phase, the water levels will offer daytime access to most any area. I suggest getting out early before the sweltering heat, as the tides will favor the mornings until about July 6, when higher tides will peak in the afternoon and toward evening hours.

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Captain Terry’s Father’s Day Fishing Report

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)

Father’s Day weekend proved to be fantastic fishing. The moon was full and the tides were high providing good opportunity all week long. I had better results in areas north of the Sanibel power lines. The release of water from Lake O continues to muddy the water up around the mouth of the river and continues to have a negative impact on the fishing. Water north of the power lines is much cleaner and continues to produce Sea Trout, Redfish, Tarpon, Snook and other species. It seems that the further one goes north up the Inter-Coastal, the better the fishing is.

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Fishing Europe with Captain Terry Fisher

I do not know exactly the reason(s) motivating ‘Man’s desire to fish. Is it merely the solace that one experiences? The mystique of what one might ‘catch’, or the fact our bodies are made up of 65% of water and we are naturally drawn to it? My 1st Mate, Vicki and I travel with great anticipation and excitement to different destinations to experience and observe people’s everywhere sitting at ponds, lakes, creeks, riverbanks, coastlines and on vessels to enjoy the most popular activity of all time; fishing.

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