Davis Hasson with his Redfish


Boating and Fishing this summer appear to be the preferred past time of Floridians to get out and about during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Outdoor activities offer freedom from confined, indoor activities that make Social Distancing very hard to manage. Nothing like being on the water enjoying our beautiful weather. I predict that the marine industry will continue to drive the economy long after the Corona Virus is gone.

Captain Wayne Hasson and son Davis with Redfish catch


The fishing has been fantastic over the past month. This years October catches have been better than some previous seasons over the last several years. Only a few reports regarding Algae Blooms and Red Tide exists compared to a year ago. SW Florida waters are clean. The inshore and offshore waters of SW Florida are full of hungry fish again, with lots of different species for anglers to target.


Different Boats for Different Folks

We often get asked what’s the best boat to buy. Some may jokingly say the best kind is the one you can enjoy without owning! But in all seriousness, we think the best kind of boat for you will depend on what you’re looking to get out of it. With so many options, this can be hard for new boat buyers to navigate, so we’ve gathered some of the most popular boat types in SWFL to give you a head start.

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Early March SW Florida Fishing Report

I am excited to report that fishing (catching) has really turned on this past week and with continued warm weather, there is no reason not to believe SPRING FISHING IS HERE! Fishing has been ‘spotty’ and very tough at times due to a fractional seasonal change. SW Florida water temperatures have been around 68 degrees (F) for most of the winter and affected migratory patterns.

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Captain Terry’s SW Florida Fishing Report

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)

Since my last report, fishing has been difficult due to low water levels, strong winds from the west, and little change in seasonal temperatures. Weather related, this has been an extremely mild winter, especially when compared to last January and February. None-the-less, time on the water boating and fishing has been exceptionally nice due to warm weather, warm water temperatures and moderate ‘cool’ fronts.

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