Davis Hasson with his Redfish


Boating and Fishing this summer appear to be the preferred past time of Floridians to get out and about during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Outdoor activities offer freedom from confined, indoor activities that make Social Distancing very hard to manage. Nothing like being on the water enjoying our beautiful weather. I predict that the marine industry will continue to drive the economy long after the Corona Virus is gone.

August 11 Fishing Report

The inshore bite has been as good this year as any I recall. Snook are in the passes, under docks and in the back areas of Pine Island Sound. Plenty of white bait, Pinfish and other offerings will entice these fish. Snook season opens September 1st, so I suggest one takes the opportunity to practice up on angling skills so as to land and harvest a slot-size fish when the opportunity arrives next month.

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“ Catch has been good for Snook, Redfish, Seatrout and Spanish Mackerel” says Captain Terry

This week’s forecast promises some nice weather for all boaters, fishermen and fisher-ladies alike. With the new moon phase, the tides are ‘in-line’ for good fishing in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. So far, the cold fronts have not put the fish down and all species are very active. Over the last week or so, the catch has been good for Snook, Redfish, Seatrout and Spanish Mackerel on the flats and back areas of Pine Island Sound. They key to catching them of course is four-fold:

  1. Right type of bait;
  2. Right type of presentation;
  3. Locate the fish;
  4. Fish the tides (water movement in or out);

Time on the water will go a long way to accomplish this, but the best way, is to hire a fishing guide (yours truly) that will explain tide movements in detail, offer fishing locations and techniques for each species.


Pictured here is Chris Satterfield of Lee Summit, Missouri holding a nice Redfish he caught on a shrimp. His son Aidan is pictured with two nice Snook he caught free-lining a Pilchard.

IMG_2254 IMG_2260

Aidan is an avid fisherman and is the most committed junior angler I have ever had on-board. His enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of fishing remind me of past industry leaders such as, Bill Dance and Roland Martin. The knowledge, skill and expertise he displayed on and off the boat was second to none.

His fishing club, Bent Rod Sport Fishing (Instagram address: bentrodsportfishing) is followed by a number companies and outfitters. He enjoys making lures and tying flies for fresh water bass and trout. His love for both freshwater and saltwater fishing propels him to study species and techniques via You Tube and through publications offering insights that will make him even better. Congratulations Aidan on your recent 14th birthday (December 11). Looking forward to our next adventure together!

This is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters, LLC wishing everyone safe boating and tight lines! Email me at fishfacecharters@yahoo.com or call me direct at 239-357-6829 to Charter or for a ‘Captain for Hire’ on your vessel to educate, demonstrate to catch your ‘fish of a lifetime’!

“The Tarpon have started to arrive” says Captain Terry

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) Inshore fishing has been really good for Spanish Mackerel, Seatrout, Permit, Pompano, Jack Crevelle, Ladyfish and Snook. The Tarpon have started to arrive with water temperatures at 74 degrees. I have hooked up a couple of Tarpon while fishing the flats for Seatrout and Spanish Mackerel. The warmer waters are generating lots of action with ‘feeding’ frenzies erupting a couple of times a day at numerous locations in Pine Island Sound. Pictured here are my 1st Mate’s (Vicki’s) friends; Mr. R. D. Jones of Marion, Indiana holding a large Spanish Mackerel he caught on the northern end of Pine Island a few weeks ago. Accompanying him was Mr. Tad Hunter of Ossian, Indiana holding one about the same size. Both men caught their share of fish before the charter ended. Since then the Mackerel sizes have improved somewhat. Mackerels are being located throughout the deeper ‘pockets’ of water up and down Pine Island Sound.

R-D-Jones-Spanish-Mackerel Tab-Hunter's-Spanish-Mackerel

Numerous clients have taken the opportunity to capitalize on the Snook bite and the Snook ‘season’. Pictured here is Mr. Steve Holladay of Waleska, Georgia holding his 29″ Snook caught around Punta Rassa while ‘free-lining’ a Threadfin. His friend, Mr. Russ Probyn of White Georgia caught ‘his’ Snook (pictured) using the same method. Nice job gentlemen! The Snook bite should be good the balance of the year and there are some big ones out there!

Steve-Holladay's-Snook Russ-Probyn's-Snook

I also had the opportunity to take out my best ‘Junior’ angler; Jack Rober’t (9 yrs.) of Blaine, Minnesota. He is pictured with a Pompano he caught on the flats. He was accompanied by his friend, Ethin Kluker (10 yrs.) of Centerville, Minnesota, pictured with Jack. Both boys (all grown up now) was allowed to go on their own with me and my 1st Mate Vicki. We had a great time with them. Nice going boys!


Fishing should be great all week with warm weather and the full moon on the horizon. Every species should be active on both the outgoing and incoming tides. Until next report, this is Captain Terry Fisher and 1st Mate Vicki wishing everyone ‘tighter’ lines and HAPPY EASTER! Charter information may be obtained by calling me direct at 239-357-6829 or emailing fishfacecharters@yahoo.com. Check out my website, www.fishfacecharters.com for more articles and complete charter information.