Cape Coral Cruise Club heads to South Seas Resort

The destination for the Cape Coral Cruise Club’s March Cruise was the always popular South Seas Resort on Captiva Island. Dubbed the “Cabbage Head Cruise”, 21 boats participated in the three day cruise in perfect weather.

The ideal weather Tuesday allowed for a happy hour on the docks the first afternoon with an abundance of snacks and appetizers. Then the group hopped on the South Seas Trolley at 5:45 for a ride to Doc Ford’s Captiva Island Rum Bar & Grill. Everyone enjoyed delicious dinners, and no one rode back to the resort hungry.

Wednesday morning began with a breakfast of sausage, scrambled eggs, sweet rolls, and fresh fruit served by the cruise leaders in the Chart Room. The group, which had been joined by members Chuck Pollard & Sue Herzog, then separated for shopping trips, fishing, swimming in the pools or going to the beach. During the afternoon swimming in the pool, a group of outspoken members surrounded Vice Commodore John Queen and gave him a hard time about his grey moustache and his “comb-over” hair style, all contending that he would look 10 years younger if the moustache were shaved off and the “comb-over” hair clipped off. After 30 minutes of badgering, John agreed he would allow the changes, but only after dinner, after a few adult beverages, and after being duct taped to a chair.


At 4:30, everyone gathered in the Chart room for cocktails, snacks and fried “fish bites” caught by Gary Taake, Phil Kryger and Bob Martin. This was followed by an awesome St. Patrick’s Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage with all the trimmings, prepared and cooked by Cruise Leaders Phil & Lyn Quick. Since many of the ladies spent time chopping up the 40 pounds of cabbage heads for the dinner, the “Cabbage Head Cruise” was born.


After desserts, the “Cabbage Head” haircut began. John Queen had arrived at the dinner with his moustache shaved off, and sat duct taped in a chair for the ceremonial haircut. With the group cheering her on, Brenda Jetton clipped off the “comb-over” hair, and trimmed the sides. When she was finished, John DID look 10 years younger. Everyone gave John a huge round of applause for being such a great sport.

Then it was time for a group game of “The Not So Newly Wed Game” with “awesome” prizes. All the ladies were sent out of the room and the men had to answer a number of personal questions about their relationships with their spouse. The answer sheets were collected, the men left the room, and the ladies had to answer the same questions. The questions were designed for laughs, including, “Where was the most unusual place you made whoopee?” Needless to say, answers were both varied and hilarious. When the group reassembled, answers were compared and the couple with the most matching answers won prizes. Gary & Kathy Taake won first place, Bob & Carol Peterson second place, Chuck Pollack & Sue Herzog third place, and a special prize was awarded to John Queen for being such a good sport.

Two groups stayed in the Chart room for a game of “99”, and a third group remained for a game of “Phase Ten”. Laughter could be heard on the docks from the avid players.

Thursday morning began with a light Continental Breakfast of rolls, croissants, fresh fruit and muffins, followed by lunch and an afternoon with no scheduled activities. The warm and pleasant weather allowed for water sports activities, hiking, shelling, beach walking and ocean swimming. Some members ate left-over corned beef and cabbage for lunch, and some of the ladies played games in the Chart Room. After cocktails and snacks at 5:00, some of the group went for ice cream at the on-site “Scoops & Slices” before retiring for the night.


Sunny skies and light winds made for an easy Friday morning departure for the group who left with fond memories of South Seas. Special thanks go to Cruise Leaders Phil & Lyn Quick for all their hard work preparing for this wonderful cruise, and also to Dock master Charles Martz and his very professional crew who made our docking and stay so enjoyable.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations and reside in the Cape Coral / Ft. Myers area. For membership information please contact Phil Kryger at 239-541-0236. View a short picture video of recent Club activities and read additional Club information on its website, Like us on Facebook.

By Lee Jetton

Cape Coral Cruise Club’s cruise to the Pink Shell Marina.

Pink Shell Cruise Feb 2015

The destination for the second cruise of the Cape Coral Cruise Club in 2015 was the Pink Shell marina in Ft. Myers Beach. This destination has been a longtime favorite for the club. Club members Gary and Kathy Taake organized the trip and their efforts in planning resulted in a fine event for all.


Tuesday February 12th, 19 boats from Cape Coral Cruise Club arrived at Pink She’ll and
enjoyed the only warm but always windy day of the trip. Tuesday evening was happy hours
at the dock masters followed by pot luck in the Mariner Room. After a feast of turkey, ribs
and your choice of various side dishes, carried in by all participating, a game of LCR Wild
was played. Winners went home with a pocket full of quarters. The evening was ended with
Happy Birthday song to Ted Hutson. A rough night was spent by boaters with cold winds at
40 miles per hour.


Wednesday breakfast was served in the Mariner room followed by games, lunch on your own
and free time of your choice. Some boaters left in the afternoon so not to put up with the
rough night on the boats as wind increased and temperatures dropped. Dinner was at
Matanzas By The Bay with CCCC members enjoying a host of foods of their choice from the

Thursday breakfast was once again served in the Mariner room with the rest of the day on
your own. Once again the winds and cold prevailed. Afternoon was spent on your own.
Some preferred to dine on their rocking boats while others bundled up and took a trolly to
beach restaurants.

Friday was more of the same weather making leaving the marina a little more difficult then it
should have been but as always a great time was had by all. Old man winter will not ruin the
fun for CCCC.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations and reside in the Cape Coral / Ft. Myers area. For membership information please contact Phil Kryger at 239-541-0236. View a short picture video of recent Club activities and read additional Club information on its website, Like us on Facebook.

Cape Coral Cruise Club’s cruise for January 2015

Most months of the year the Cape Coral Cruise Club schedules a cruise to a selected destination where the boats typically tie up for 3 days. Once the boats are tied and secure the club members engage in socializing and eating and games and consumption of beverages. The destination for this first cruise of 2015 was Legacy Harbor in Ft Myers. At this high season this marina, as many others, is mostly full and it was a good work of logistics for the harbormaster to accommodate the group. The marina is very well maintained and the staff was ever helpful from assisting on arrival and answering questions. The marina is blessed with wider than usual slip fingers, making the process of boarding much easier than is the case in many other marinas I have visited in Florida.

10 Boats journeyed to Legacy Harbour on Tuesday January 20th. There are 3 boaters who live aboard at Legacy Harbour, so no cruising was involved for them. This cruise was organized by leaders Pat & Phil Kryger aboard Yknot. A lot of work goes into this planning of a cruise, and we thank Phil and Pat Kryger for their effort!



The weather was very favorable on Tuesday, making it a nice smooth ride. Docking at Legacy was handled efficiently by Erick and Lana; they got us all settled in with lines and electric on the floating docks. Ten others arrived by car, and joined the festivities. bringing appetizers and their favorite libations. Then it was 4:30 and time for happy hour under the Tiki Hut, and a great time to relax after a “long hard” trip. Then it was right into dinner with 4 different types of chili. There was hot sauce if you wanted to kick it up , cornbread, oyster crackers, cheese, onions, great salads and desserts. As always, there was plenty to eat and then some!

Wednesday morning we blew the circuit breakers because of a proliferation of electric skillets, while cooking the eggs, French toast and sausage. So, improvising, Gary Taake cooked the eggs on his boat, while Lee Jetton cooked the sausage on the gas grill, and Phil Kryger did the French toast on the electric grill. Add to this fresh fruit, juice and muffins, and that makes a nice start of the day, and the weather was very fine also.

Usually on these cruises there is a group game activity and this one featured an “ informational” scavenger hunt. There were 6 teams of 3. Teams deployed around the marina to find 20 different things like women’s names on boats, number of slips at the Marina, concrete swans (very tricky finding those) and other information. It took most teams about 30 minutes to complete the hunt.

We were joined by the same group arriving by car that came Tuesday plus others, bringing more snacks and libations.

After Happy Hour the group dispatched to Pinchers at Edison Ford Marina for dinner with 40 members. We were seated on a veranda with a beautiful view of the glorious sunset that day.


Thursday people did whatever they fancied; some had breakfast at First Watch or Bennett’s Fresh Roast, some played games and some walked downtown to Fort Myers, and some cleaned their boats or relaxed.

That evening many of us went to Firestone Restaurant and the Sky Bar for another sunset and dinner.

Friday was the return cruise to each individual’s home port. The weather was pretty windy but navigable for all, and it is this writer’s impression that a very good time was had by all.

By J. G. Brehm MD

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations and reside in the Cape Coral / Ft. Myers area. For membership information please contact Phil Kryger at 239-541-0236. View a short picture video of recent Club activities and read additional Club information on its website, Like us on Facebook.

2014 – A good year for the Cape Coral Cruise Club

Once again having a booth at the November Ft. Myers Boat Show was very worthwhile. With the able
assistance of several Club members who manned the booth over the four days, we were able to attract about six new members. Both Club publicity and membership appreciates the time and effort of those participating, making this show the best yet. Between the News-Press monthly cruise articles and the community awareness generated by attending the Boat Show, the WORD IS OUT. If you like to cruise in your own boat, and wish to do this with like-minded boaters, CCCC is the club for you!


December is when, in lieu of a group going on a cruise, the Club changes officers. The beautifully decorated Palmetto Pine Country Club was the venue for the 2014 Cape Coral Cruise Club CHANGE OF WATCH. This annual formal event is the night when the new Bridge and Board of Governors is sworn in, and the outgoing Bridge and Board is recognized for their efforts on behalf of the Club.

Upon arrival, each couple or single member picked up their name sign to place on a table along with a playing card. Servers circulated with plates of hor d’oeuvers enjoyed with cocktails, including Swedish meatballs, bacon wrapped scallops, coconut shrimp and bruschetta. Mike Cole of Black Tie Entertainment was the D J and played music during cocktail hour, while member Craig Overstreet sold 50/50 drawing tickets.

Following the cocktail hour, the 61 members and guests sat down for a dinner of either 10 oz. Black Angus Prime Rib of Beef, or Australian Sea Bass served with tossed salad, oven roasted potatoes, vegetable medley, rolls & butter, and peppermint ice cream with candy canes.

After dinner, Len Grassini called Commodore Phil Kryger forward to give his outgoing comments, which included thanking the outgoing Board, thanking Sharon Palmisano and Larry Mitchell for their many years of service. Commodore Kryger then called forward members Perry Ahrens and Bob Martin, and presented to them Life Membership awards for their long time service to the Club.

This was followed by the swearing in of 2015 Commodore Lee Jetton, who was presented with his Commodore flag. Commodore Jetton thanked Past Commodore Kryger for his outstanding work on behalf of the Club, and presented him his Past Commodore gold name tag, his flag.

The new flag Officers: Vice Commodore John Queen, Rear Commodore Edie Limbright, Secretary Dianne Myers and Treasurer Brenda Stewart. The remainder of the 2015 Board members, Island & Property Chairman Len Grassini, Membership Chairman Phil Kryger, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer Terry Carlson, and Members at Large Perry Ahrens & Steve Winner were also sworn in.

Following Commodore Jetton’s incoming comments the 50/50 drawings were held, with Paul Carrico the big winner. Matching playing cards were used to draw remaining prizes including 17 free stays at various marinas (a few for 2 free nights). Winners declining the free stays were able to select from a table of assorted gifts, so that every membership or guest couple won a prize.
The evening continued with everyone showing off their dancing skills until 10:00 PM when it was time to end an enjoyable evening of food, fun and prizes.


The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations and reside in the Cape Coral / Ft. Myers area. For membership information please contact Phil Kryger at 239-541-0236. View a short picture video of recent Club activities and read additional Club information on its website, Like us on Facebook.

2014 Fisherman’s Village Cruise

On a beautiful October Tuesday, fourteen Cape Coral Cruise Club boats headed north on the GICW, turned into Charlotte Harbor, then on to the Peace River to Fisherman’s Village Marina. The good member turnout was because this remains one of the Club’s favorite destinations. With mooring assistance from Harbor Master Jim’s helpful crew, boaters completed the always present post cruise boat chores, then relaxed the remainder of the afternoon. The Pre-happy hour time at the Boater’s Lounge produced some groans with the announcement of a trivia quiz on Florida. Prizes were awarded to both the winning and runner-up couples. Happy hour was followed with most everyone’s favorite, heavy hors D’oeuvres. This is the occasion when the first mates out do themselves. The first night is usually an early one, probably because of all the fresh air.


Wednesday started with a midmorning walk through the park along the river in Punta Gorda to the Rte. 41 bridge and back. Appetites having been built, most members took advantage of the fine restaurants at the Fisherman’s Village Shops for lunch. It was then time for a wet “T” shirt contest on the dock behind the boats. Each couple was given a tee shirt and one of the two had to put it on. Seems simple but the shirts had been water soaked, rolled tight, then frozen. Only body heat and muscle power were allowed. Again prizes were awarded to the top two finishers. Their unique means to thaw the shirts – the winners sat on them, used body heat! Dinner was a mini-Oktoberfest prepared by the cruise leaders and helpers with fare including brats, sour kraut, beer-cheese soup, and Black Forrest cake. A few of the night owls finished the day with a rowdy game of “99”.


A breakfast of biscuits with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage links, fresh fruit and adult beverages started the day on Thursday. The bulk of the day was a “do your own thing” event. Some rode marina courtesy bikes to town, some shopped in the Village, some enjoyed the pool, and some just sat around and told sea stories, a few of which may have been true… The main feature of the evening was the group dinner at the Captain’s Table. Good food and excellent service were enjoyed by the boaters who were joined by ten Club members who arrived by car.


Friday morning saw the flotilla depart the marina heading homeward. Neptune must not have been as pleased with us as he was on our trip to the marina. Winds of 15 to 20 out of the northeast made the seas a bit snotty on Charlotte Harbor, but all arrived safely at their destinations. As usual, another great, safe Cape Coral Cruise Club trip goes into the books.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations and reside in the Cape Coral / Ft. Myers area. For membership information please contact Larry Mitchell at 239-560-2823. View a short picture video of recent Club activities and read additional Club information on its website, Like us on our Facebook page.

By Mac Mc Ewen

12 Member Boats Cruise to the Naples Boat Club

The Cape Coral Cruise Club enjoyed the beautiful Naples Boat Club for their September cruise on the 16th, 17th and 18th. Fourteen boats signed up for the cruise but two had to drop out – one for a mechanical issue and one for an emergency home repair issue. This is the third year in a row the September cruise has been to the Naples Boat Club, which speaks volumes about its helpful staff, great amenities and convenient location to Naples shops and restaurants.

The 12 boats that participated were “MOONLIGHTER”, Cruise Leaders Lee & Benda Jetton with members Mike & Brenda Stewart aboard – “PANACEA”, John & Mary Brehm – “Y KNOT”, Phil & Pat Kryger – “WHATEVER”, Jim & Edie Limbright – “SURFACE INTERVAL”, Bruce & Sue Longman – “DESPERADO”, John Lynch & Elise Vinnoy – “BULLFROG”, Mac and Bobbie McEwen – “HAR DEE II”, Hal & Dee Moss – “C R SIDE”, Bob & Carol Peterson – “SEMPER PARATUS”, John & Pati Queen – “SUNKISSED”, Phil & Lyn Quick – and “HAPPY OURS”, Gary & Kathy Taake.


The winds and seas were almost perfect on Tuesday for the cruise down the Gulf of Mexico to Gordon Pass and on to Naples Boat Club. After docking, it was time for enjoying the pool with its waterfall, cards, a game of pool in the beautiful Clubhouse, or just relaxing aboard. At 5:00 pm it was time for happy hour with snacks in the Clubhouse, followed at 6:00 pm by a catered dinner of Chicken Stir Fry with rice, oriental salad, rolls & butter and a variety of different cakes for dessert. After a long cruise from Cape Coral, the catered dinner meant that none of the ladies would have to cook and could join in the fun after docking.


Wednesday was a morning and early afternoon open for shopping, exploring Naples, breakfast or lunch aboard or at a nearby restaurant, enjoying the pool, or games in the Clubhouse. Although there had been some rain, at 2:00 pm the sun came out and everyone met in the swimming pool for a Yellow Rubber Duck Race. First the men, and then the ladies, were divided up into two groups of 6 in the pool. Each person was given a yellow rubber duck. The object of the game was, on a signal, to drop your duck in front of you and propel it to the other side of the pool only by pushing it with your nose or blowing it. After two runoffs, the winners were determined.


The first prize winner for the men was John Queen, who won not a yellow duck but a bottle of Grey Goose, and second place went to Mac McEwen who won, in a Victoria’s Secret bag, not skimpy attire but a key with a small knife hidden inside. On the ladies side, first place went to Edie Limbright, who won, fittingly enough, a bottle of Ugly Duckling wine, and second place went to Carol Peterson who won a pair of scissors. Everyone who participated had a barrel of laughs and were good sports to participate. Prizes were awarded at happy hour.

Following happy hour at 4:30 pm, the entire group, joined by members Steve and Nell Winner who had driven down, walked to downtown Naples to the Mangrove Café for a $35.00 special of 2 dinners with salad, bread, and a bottle of wine. Everyone reported a great meal with fast and efficient service. Hats off to the Mangrove Café for a wonderful dining experience.

Thursday morning was again a free morning and early afternoon to enjoy Naples. Some members enjoyed Tin City, breakfast at the Cove Inn, shopping, games, or playing pool in the Clubhouse. As before, rain was a bit of an issue, but dissipated at 2:00 pm for the second yellow rubber duck contest at the pool. In this contest, no one had to get in the pool, as everyone drew a card with a number on it. Each yellow rubber duck also had a number painted on it matching the numbers drawn. Then, all the numbered ducks were dumped into the pool at the waterfall end and were pushed by wind and current to the other end of the pool. Some ducks floated straight to the other end, some did a U-turn, some floated to the sides and one even went into the pool scupper. Everyone cheered on their duck until winners were declared.

The owner of the winning duck was Bobbie McEwen who won a box of Double Dog Dare wine. The second place duck was owned by Jon Lynch, who won a set of funnels, and the third place duck was owned by Lyn Quick who won a pair of scissors.


At 4:30, happy hour with snacks was held in the clubhouse where the above prizes were awarded. Gary Taake prepared Oysters Rockefeller, and Phil Kryger prepared fresh caught fried Fish Bites to add to the snacks. Then, at 6:00 pm, everyone walked to the on-site Wharf Tavern for a group seafood dinner, highlighted by a $15.99 1 ¼ pound whole steamed Maine lobster dinner with fries and slaw. Once again, the Wharf Tavern made every bib attired member happy with lots of drawn butter to dip juicy lobster into. No one left hungry. Following dinner, the left over cakes were served in the Clubhouse along with a delicious Mango cobbler made by Edie Limbright. Those who still had room for dessert enjoyed the sweet feast.

Friday morning members left in small groups for the trip back to Cape Coral and Fort Myers. Once again, light seas with only occasional periods of scattered rain made for a safe and very comfortable cruise home. Thanks go to everyone who participated in the cruise, as a cruise cannot be successful without members participating. Thanks also go to the Naples Boat Club staff for their courtesy, assistance, and professionalism.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations and reside in the Cape Coral / Ft. Myers area. For membership information please contact Larry Mitchell at 239-560-2823. View a short picture video of recent Club activities and read additional Club information on its website, Like us on our Facebook page.

By Lee Jetton

Southwest Florida has superb destinations.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club, founded in 1963, is unique among S.W. Florida boat clubs in that it owns a portion of a private island on the Caloosahatchee River east of the Franklin Lock. Over the years a covered pavilion has been built where the members enjoy monthly picnics. The facility also has four docks with both 50amp and 30amp power that can accommodate up to sixteen member boats for a weekend.


CCCC is a group of active cruisers. Monthly cruises are planned for September through June each season. If you have a boat with overnight accommodations, reside in the Cape Coral – Ft. Myers area, and would like to get out on your boat with fellow boating enthusiasts, take a look at the destinations of past CCCC organized cruises.

We visit South Seas Resort and ‘Tween Waters resort on Captiva Island; Pink Shell Resort and Snook Bight Marina on Ft. Myers Beach; Boca Grande Marina, Uncle Henry’s Marina, Burnt Store Marina, and Fisherman’s Village in Charlotte harbor.


Going further north on the GICW we’ve visited both Palm Island Marina and Gasparilla Marina, as well as attractive locations in Sarasota and Longboat Key. There is a 2015 trip in the works for a cruise further north to Tarpon Springs.

Local short cruises include Tarpon Point and Cape Harbour in Cape Coral, and Legacy Harbor in downtown Ft. Myers. Naples is an annual tradition with the Naples Boat Club, City Dock at Crayton Cove, or Pelican Isle Marina as destinations.

Venturing further south the Club has visited Marco Island, Everglades City, Marathon, Key Biscayne and Key West.


Each year an extended cruise is planned. In 2014 that destination was first to the South Georgia Isles and beaches with stops in Stuart, New Smyrna, St Augustine and Fernandina Beach. Other members elected to do the second extended cruise to the Bahamas with stops in Clewiston, West Palm Beach and the Club owned Hidden Island on the Caloosahatchee Waterway.


For those interested in extending their local boating distances, or who may be new to the area and are looking for an active boating group, the Cape Coral Cruise Club will have a booth at the Ft. Myers Boat Show November 13 -16 at the Harborside Event Center & City Yacht Basin. We look forward to talking with you about local boating!

Stop by and meet Club members and a view short video of Club cruise activities, and obtain membership information. Or contact Larry Mitchell, CCCC membership chairman at 239-560-2823. Additional information is posted on the Club website, Also “Like” us on our Facebook page.

Cape Coral Cruise Club Fall Schedule

The Cape Coral Cruise Club, founded in 1963, is unique among S.W. Florida boat clubs in that it owns a portion of a private island on the Caloosahatchee River east of the Franklin Lock near Alva. Over the years a covered pavilion has been built where the members enjoy monthly picnics, bocce, horseshoes and other relaxing activities.


A major advantage for members is that the Island has ample dockage for member’s boats. Over the years, four docks have been installed on an inside oxbow off the ICW with both 30amp and 50amp electric service. This allows docking for as many as 16 boats up to 45′ in length. Ferry service across the ICW aboard the club’s 24′ pontoon boat is provided for members & guests who drive up for the monthly picnic.


Because the Club is a cruising organization, in addition to the Island picnics, members can participate in monthly cruises to local destinations. Fall 2014 cruises include:

September destination: The Naples Boat Club has become one of the most popular Club cruise destinations. With a first class onsite restaurant, beautiful pool and outstanding docking facilities this cruise is always full. Cruise leaders have been known to plan very interesting and different activities and Naples dining adventures.


October destination: Once again the Club returns to Fisherman’s Village Marina on Charlotte Harbor. With abundant shopping on Fisherman’s pier and the close proximity to activities in downtown Punta Gorda, this is a very well attended cruise.

November destination: For a quiet and laid back cruise the Club returns to ‘Tween Waters on Captiva for the late fall cruise. With fine dining and the beaches of Captiva close by, along with outstanding sunsets, this cruise is always a popular event. Also in November the Club hosts a booth at the Ft. Myers Boat Show. Members are present to answer questions on membership and point out many other fun Club functions.


December: Traditionally no cruise is planned for December as the Club holds a formal “Change of Watch dinner where past Club officers are recognized for their achievements and officers for the coming year are installed. This is the only annual Club “Coat & Tie” event.

Several other destinations, including South Seas Resort, Palm Island, Pink Shell Resort, Legacy Harbor, and Marco Island are in the works for the spring of 2015.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations and reside in the Cape Coral / Ft. Myers area. For membership information please contact Larry Mitchell at 239-560-2823. View a short picture video of recent Club activities and read additional Club information on its website,

By Bruce Longman

Cape Coral Cruise Club revisits Burnt Store Marina

Nine CCCC members made the trip to Burnt Store Marina for a 3 day cruise beginning June 17. Participating were cruise leaders Jack and Elsie Harris on Running Water, Robert and Carol Peterson on C R Slide, Ted and Beverley Hutson on New Horizons, Jim and Edie Limbright on Never Mind, Phil and Pat Kryger on Y Knot, Hal and Dee Moss on Hardee II, Lee and Brenda Jetton on Moonlighter, and Mack and Bobbie McEwen on Bullfrog with Bruce & Sue Longman arriving on Surface Interval Thursday.


We had perfect weather Tuesday going to Burnt Store with light winds and flats seas. The Marina staff assisted in securing all the boats shortly after arrival. Happy hour started at 5pm. Diane Myers, Sonja Wright, Jon Lynch, & Phil and Lin Quick all drove to the marina for a delightful cheeseburger cookout at the Marina pavilion.

Wednesday was the Bocce ball tournament with Mack McEwen officiating. The winning team was Sonja and Diane & Phil and Pat. Happy hour with heavy hors d’oeuvres concluded the afternoon. This is always a fun part of CCCC cruises as the women come up with some exciting and different appetizers. We had lots of good food followed by a spirited game of “99”. Brenda Butler showed off her quicker than the eye double drawing. A hat full of quarters was won by Phil Kryger.

photo 1DSC_0018

Thursday was a free day with lots of swimming and game playing. Happy hour started at 5 pm (a few began cooling off sooner) Diane Myers, Sonja Wright, Larry and Ana Maria Mitchell, John and Patti Queen, Larry and Mary Ann Habich, and Pat Evans and her daughter Gina drove up to join in the group dinner at Porto Bello restaurant. The food and service was excellent. Unfortunately the staff ran short of rare prime rib. Yet there were other equally delicious selections from which to choose. Many then adjourned to Y Knot and Moonlighter for an after dinner drink and good conversation.


The trip home on Friday was clear and sunny with a flat Charlotte Harbor. Most of the trawler style boats left at the crack of dawn, while others slept in choosing to depart for home later in the morning. This was the last CCCC monthly cruise for the spring as many members go north for the summer and, due to the heat, the Club suspends organized cruises until September. Another successful CCCC boating event logged.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations and reside in the Cape Coral / Ft. Myers area. For membership information please contact Larry Mitchell at 239-560-2823. View a short picture video of recent Club activities and read additional Club information on its website,


On Monday the 19th of May 2014 at 8:00 am six boats from the Cape Coral Cruise Club set out on an adventure to the Out Islands of the Bahamas particularly on this trip, the Exumas. Those traveling are as follows: Len and Sharon Palmisano on “Sharon Ann” with guests, Greg and Bev; Kenneth and Sandra Starnes on “Pop’s Place”; Phil and Lyn Quick on “Sunkissed”; Rich and Robyn McGloin on “Robyn M”; Phil and Pat Kryger on ”Y Knot”; with Gary and Kathy Taake on “Happy Ours”. We all met at marker 92 off Tarpon Point Marina to head south for the beginning of our three week journey. Weather forecast was 10-15 knot winds with gusts up to 20 out of the east, so our “unofficial leaders”, Len and Sharon, led us down the Gulf of Mexico hugging the shore to give us a nice smooth ride to Marathon Key.

Thank the boat gods as the wind stayed out of the east. Well, there isn’t much close shore after Cape Sable, so it got-bouncy halfway down and continued choppy until we reached Marathon. Sunkissed and Pop’s Place had to go an extra few miles to get to the center span of the seven mile bridge giving us the proper height clearance. We arrived at the Marathon Marina fuel dock at 3:15 pm, adding 115 miles to our log. After fueling up we left at 3:40, to head up to Hawk’s Cay Resort and Marina. As expected the winds were due east, and all headed straight into the thumpers, three to four footers with an occasional five or six thrown in. Finally at 5:00 pm we arrived at our first destination “Hawk’s Cay” adding 28 more miles to our log.

It was pretty unanimous everyone wanted to stay an extra day to relax and Anticipate smaller seas for the crossing to the Bahamas. Most of us relaxed poolside while others did their own thing just chilling out. On Wednesday, May 21, we left Marathon at 8:00 am pushing into choppy seas, however, not as bad as Monday, but still slowed us down pretty well. At 1:00 pm we arrived at Miami fuel docks and at 1:45 we all docked at the Miamarina city docks. Everyone got their hoses out for our first fresh water wash down. At 6:30 that evening we had a group dinner at Bubba Gumps restaurant, then strolled the promenade and window shopped amongst the many stores.

The next day, Thursday May 21, the seas had laid down and were fairly small all the way across the Gulf Stream, putting us at Chub Cay at 1:30pm, adding 124 nautical miles. Chub Cay is a beautiful island. On the mend, we were told, with new owners spending millions of dollars, with floating concrete docks and a new clubhouse being built. There is a very nice infinity edge pool spilling into the crystal blue waters. Everyone showed up poolside for happy hour and to watch a phenomenal sunset.


Sunkissed was the only boat to buy fuel at Chub Cay, the owner concerned she would not have sufficient fuel on board to make it to Nassau, our next stop. With a low, low price of $6.80 per gallon, we only took on 100 gallons. After a leisurely Friday morning breakfast on we headed out at 9:40 am to beautifully calm seas on our way to Nassau. We entered the harbor at 11:40 am putting an additional 37.2 nautical miles under our boat, having taken in many sites along the way. After fueling up at a reasonable $5.42 per gallon, we tied up for our last wash down for a while. The girls went grocery shopping for some needed supplies while the guys did their chores and had a drink or three. At 2:45 pm, a very anxious Kenneth met his bride who flew in from Arkansas to be his first mate for the duration of the trip. Some stayed on board and cooked their own dinner while the Quicks, Taakes, McGloins and Krygers went to the Poop Deck restaurant for a very good meal.

On Saturday, May 24 at 10:00 am we left Nassau for the beautiful Warderick Wells Land and Sea Park, arriving at 1:10 pm. WOW, Tahiti, all over again. The hues of blue were mind blowing, the sand white and fine. We were moored here for 2 nights with everyone using their dinghies to do some swimming and snorkeling along with some exploring. Later in the day Bob and Bonnie Martin on “Bonaventure” caught up with us after having some problems with their boat. Also on board were Ron and Wendy, their daughter and son in law. They came just in time for Happy Hour on the beach. Everyone retired to their boats for dinner and relaxation. The next morning, Sunday, May 25, we awoke again to the beauty of Mother Nature. Everyone was doing their own thing, snorkeling, swimming or putting around in their dinks, crisscrossing each other. Gen sets ran day and night for all the comforts of home.

The next morning, Monday, May 26, at 10:00 am we all left for a really short ride of 20 nautical miles, to Staniel Cay Yacht Club (sic), but surprising to me, the place turned out to be super cool. Mega yachts were anchored outside, smaller ones tied up amongst us. As soon as we were all secured we saw large nurse sharks swimming around the docks and under our boats. Most of us went to the onsite restaurant for a great lunch followed by an afternoon lounging by the pool. By dinner time, which some could not even think about because of the large portions at lunch, it was time for a relaxing cocktail or two poolside, followed by a game of “99” with the Quicks, Krygers and Taakes. Then an early retirement so as to wake early enough for low tide to allow room to slide under the cave at Thunderball Grotto. Can’t wait.


True confession time. While I was breaking down my dinghy at the end of that day, the outboard slipped from my hands and dropped in about 20 feet of water. Stupid yes, dumb no; I had enough sense to have a line tied to it. After retrieving it, I rinsed it and put it away totally disgusted. I don’t like dinghies and have sworn off them forever.

Next day, Friday May 28, after a short ride, we arrived at Compass Cay, again having beautiful sea conditions. We pulled in to a mecca of yachts, sport Fish yachts and a few big center consoles. Compass Cay Marina is bare bones marina, with not much to do unless you want to take a little hike to the beautiful crescent beach with crystal clear water that is about 1/2 mile long. Or you may want to test your bravery and get in the water to pet the many nurse sharks, which many of us did. We have the pictures. The only issue we had was after having had the reservations for months, three of the boats had to tie up at a dock with no power. Again the gensets ran for 48 hours maintaining inside comfort. On our second night at Compass we had a pot luck dinner under the dock pavilion. All of our great cooks did a mighty fine job. This club never goes hungry.


The next day, Friday May 30, we entered the most anticipated destination (by me), Highbourne Cay. Did I say WOW, a gorgeous marina with numerous tiki huts. A real neat open air restaurant on the side of a small mountain overlooking the whitest sand and bluest water you would ever want to see. Fabulous docks, more friendly sharks albeit one huge bull shark that showed up from time to time. Six guys along with Sharon Palmisano chartered a boat with captain and first mate for our fishing expedition. We were getting a little jealous seeing all the Mahi being caught and cleaned here at the marina. We dropped our lines and immediately had four hits but only brought in one. A few minutes later, three strikes, one brought in. Next strike was this writers turn and a mackerel was landed. All told, four Mahi and one mackerel boated. Definitely not bad for three hours. Guess what we had for dinner that night? Wrong ….. We had reservations at the hilltop restaurant. However, everyone received a huge bag of Mahi which was eaten the next night and truly appreciated.

Later that same day three locals came in with a boat load of fresh conch, cleaning and selling it. My remembrance of island conch salad flashed before me and of course, we had to have some. Rephil and Gary wanted to blow their horns so they each got a conch shell to take home. In my opinion, this is a place we could have stayed for a week. Tomorrow, it is back to the not so calm Nassau Harbour Club Marina to fuel, wash down and fill up with water. Sunday, June 1, was just a short run to Nassau with 15 knot winds. Protection from the island chain gave us a very favorable ride. Boats were cleaned. Len and Sharon’s guests, Greg and Bev disembarked to catch a plane back to reality and Ken and Sandra’s guests, Josh and Ashley. Arrived for the remainder of the trip, by chance, just in time for happy hour. After an hour of chopping the store bought produce, the conch was ready to marinate. Piled on top of saltines everyone seemed to enjoy the conch salad along with Gary’s famous bacon wrapped smoked oysters. Then off to do your own thing for dinner.

At about 9:00pm a loud boom was heard. We gathered outside and were entertained by a fabulous fireworks display right in the middle of the channel. No one knew what the occasion was so we decided it was the islander’s appreciation of the CCCC visit to the island. Tomorrow to Paradise Islands Atlantis, hopefully they will let us in early.

On Monday, June 2, we eagerly awaited our turn to be called into the inlet to Paradise Island. By around noon, we were all tied up, in line, right by one of the many pools and a harbor side restaurant. A few of us had lunch there which was pizza and huge burgers, then everyone anxiously scuttled off to explore the many sites and attractions. This place has grown immensely since our last visit here with so much more to do and see. There were many huge mega yachts to be seen also. You really need good shoes and feet to see only a portion of what is offered. The next morning everyone went in different directions and rarely would you run into one of your cruising friends. Some went to the water park, some went sightseeing, some went to the pool and some found a nice spot to people watch. The forecast for tomorrow is bumpy seas, however, the plan is to leave right after check out around 8:00 am and head to Bimini.

Wednesday, June 4, We arrived at Bimini at 1:35 pm after a morning departure time of 7:50 am, with seas not bad at all. Everyone relaxed, pooled it or did some sightseeing. Dinner time had everyone at The Big Game Club. It seemed most of us wanted the penne pasta Alf redo with shrimp and lobster. However, they didn’t have any lobster and replaced it with conch and the shrimp count was anywhere from two to four, which was a little disappointing but the pasta and sauce was delicious.

We all retired early anticipating the long haul to Marathon in the morning. Thursday, June 5, All seven boats departed Bimini around 7:30 am heading to Miami and then South fearing for rough seas. They say” there is nothing to fear but fear itself’. The quote held true, a little bumpy, but not bad at all. The group arrived at Marathon Marina at 2:00 pm, a long day of 128 nautical miles. Our last happy hour on “Sharon Ann”. Then we had a delightful dinner at the marina restaurant. Cheers and tears as this was the last night of a truly great experience. Anxiety set in as people began leaving at 7:00 am with Sunkissed and Sharon Ann pulling out at 7:45am into unbelievably calm seas. The entire trip up the Gulf of Mexico was as flat as your swimming pool… Again the sea gods overall saw fit to give us a great experience the entire time. We arrived and were secured at our dock at exactly 2:00 pm. We give Len and Sharon Palmisano a big thank you for making all the arrangements and keeping up with all the reservations through the entire trip. It all seemed seamless. Also a big thank you to the mechanical wizards for an amazing, no problem trip for all seven boats.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations and reside in the Cape Coral / Ft. Myers area. For membership information please contact Larry Mitchell at 239-560-2823. View a short picture video of recent Club activities and read additional Club information on its website,

By Phil Quick