Cape Coral Cruise Club returns to Palm Island

DSC_0022 A flotilla of 9 boats set off on Tuesday May 20th heading north on the Gulf ICW with beautiful clear skies and calm seas that lasted for the entire cruise. Lead by Jon Lynch on Desperado, cruising members included Lee & Brenda Jetton on Moonlighter, Jim and Edie Limbright on Nevermind, Ted and Beverly Hutson on New Horizons, John and Mary Brehm on Panacea, Hal and Dee Moss on HarDee II, Larry and Mary Ann Habich on Knot Again, Mark and Sue Thompson on KDH, as well as first timers Bob & Carol Peterson on CRSide. Joining the group via auto were Chuck Pollack and Susan Herzog. Mac and Bobbie McEwen aboard Bullfrog had boat issues, cancelled late and were sorely missed.

As we passed Boca Grande Pass Tuesday morning, a clear teal blue and green sea greeted us boding well for the days to come. Approaching Gasparilla Bridge, pods of porpoise were playing alongside. We arrived at Palm Island Marina at 11:00 AM and per their usual great service, all arrivals were docked and all hooked up by 11:15 AM. The entire crew of all nine boats enjoyed each other’s company during lunch at Johnny Leverock’s including chowing down on tender calamari, clam chowder, salmon BLTs and Black & Blue salads, including cool beverages. Relaxing in and by the pool dominated the activities for the afternoon. This facility is famous for its great swimming pool.


Everyone enjoyed the pool and wished there were more club members present to enjoy the sunny weather and 90 degree water. The hot tub hosted a gaggle of ladies plus Lee Jetton (he was in heaven). Mark Thompson commented that Lee seemed to be the “thorn among the roses”. Happy hour quickly crept up and everyone feasted on a dazzling display of culinary expertise supplied by our ladies in the form of delicious heavy hors d’oeuvres polished off by German chocolate cake and carrot cake. As the sun went down, the party continued poolside well into the evening.

On Wednesday morning the group missed Mac & Bobbie’s famous chipped beef breakfast, however, the group quickly diverted to coffee cake and hot java. Later in the morning Brenda Butler decided to launch her new dink from the top of Moonlighter and received a plethora of advice from the “peanut gallery” with assistance from several pairs of hands. Later on a few members decided to ride the marina water shuttle to Rum Bay for lunch.

Sue Thompson brought out a super brain teaser puzzle that clearly confirmed that no one on our cruise will be inducted to MENSA any time soon. A wicked game of Wizard ensued with a couple of unexpected winners. A hamburger cookout finished out the evening. No one followed the traditional wait time of at least ½ hour before returning to the pool.20140522---CCCC-Palm-Island-4

On Thursday, groups explored the beaches, took leisurely walks and played more cards. Dinner at Leverock’s for the entire group was superb. The team at Jonny Leverock’s provided a superb dinner of three select entrees, fine sides and as usual, very timely service – a deadly combination!

Friday morning came only too soon and by 8:30 am most boats had departed southbound for various home ports in the Cape Coral – Ft. Myers vicinity. This is the next to last cruise for the spring. Attending members hope all those traveling north for the summer had a safe trip. We will miss you and look forward to your fall return for continued cruising with the Club.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations and reside in the Cape Coral / Ft. Myers area. For membership information please contact Larry Mitchell at 239-560-2823. View a short picture video of recent Club activities and read additional Club information on its website,

by Jon Lynch

Cape Coral Cruise Club returns to Legacy Harbour

The cruise to Legacy Harbour Marina was fully attended with 15 boats cruising to and four resident boats participating.  Harbormaster Eric Ravenschlag promised us 15 slips and he came through, and the marina was totally filled!  While most people ate on their boat or walked downtown the first night, several of us tried out the little restaurant across from Joe’s Crab Shack.  We had to stand on our burgers to get them thin enough to bite into!


Tuesday night saw cocktails at the chickee hut, followed by heavy hors d’oeuvres provided by the cruisers.  Cruise leaders Mike and Brenda Stewart passed out cruise folders to those who missed the membership meeting and briefed everyone on the relaxed schedule for the cruise.  No competing with the event packed cruise last month!  The cruise leaders spent their time after hors d’oeuvres preparing fruit for breakfast Wednesday.


Chef Mike cooked up a breakfast of scrambled eggs with ham bits and cheese.  Fresh fruit and croissants with butter filled out the meal.  Most people then scattered to the winds in the downtown Ft. Myers area getting exercise, buying out the specialty shops and enjoying the vast array of lunch venues available.  Others played cards in the room supplied by the marina.

It was Mike’s turn again Wednesday night as he barbecued 30 pounds of pork loin.  Brenda brought out her delicious pasta salad, and for other tastes, the famous Club recipe coleslaw.  Everyone got to choose the size/cut of loin they desired, accompanied by Brenda’s homemade applesauce, followed by several desserts provided by the ladies.  Dinner was held at the chickee hut, but the food was on Lady Blue and the barbecues in front of the marina office.

Thanks to an army of the ladies the prepared meal was moved to the waiting ravenous club members at the hut.  We had Ted and Beverly Hutson, Chuck Pollack and Sue Herzog, Dianne Myers, Jeannie Douglass’s grandson and two Limbright guests in attendance also.  After dinner several of the crews headed downtown to listen to the harbormaster’s wife who was singing “torch songs” with her band.

Thursday morning breakfast leftovers were offered up to those desiring a bit to eat before getting their morning walk out of the way.  The rest of the day was whatever cruisers desired to do.  Many of the ladies duked it out again at the card tables.  Others headed downtown again to try different stores and restaurants and that devilish purveyor of dietary supplements, Bennett’s Donuts!

Thursday at “3:27pm” a name christening was held by Phil and Lyn Quick on the dock behind their new 44 ft. fly bridge Sea Ray.  After the champagne, everyone headed to cocktails and hors d’oeuvres hosted by Paul and Stephanie Carrico.  The Marina, as thanks for our patronage, paid for the eats!  NICE!  We all then walked next door to Joe’s Crab Shack where they seated and served some 40 of us in grand style.  The steam pots seemed to be the most popular menu items with steaks, ribs and stuffed shrimp in the running.  The restaurant can satisfy most palates with their extensive menu.

Friday saw the Carrico’s heading out on their Great Loop adventure.  They were already underway by the time the rest of us got around to slipping lines and returning to home ports.  Legacy Harbour Marina is a nice place to visit, and nobody seemed in a big hurry to leave.

Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to the marina staff who took care of all our needs quickly and with a smile.  It was a good event.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations. For membership information please contact Larry Mitchell at 239-560-2823. View a short picture video of Club activities and review additional Club information on its website,

By Mike Stewart

Cape Coral Cruise Club visits Pink Shell Resort Marina

Pink Shell Resort Marina on Fort Myers Beach was the February destination for 18 Cape Coral Cruise Club boats. Pink Shell, with its floating docks, white sandy beach, three heated pools, spa, restaurants and attentive staff, proved once again to be a great place for a monthly cruise.

Boats participating were “Happy Ours”, Cruise Leaders Gary & Kathy Taake; “Sunkissed”, Phil & Lyn Quick; “Sharon Ann”, Sharon & Len Palmisano; “Moonlighter”, Lee & Brenda Jetton; “Bow’t Time”, Terry & Laurie Carlson; “Lady Blue”, Mike & Brenda Stewart; “KDJ”, Mark & Sue Thompson; “Y Knot”, Phil & Pat Kryger; Hardee II”, Hal & Dee Moss; “Lady Mar”, Rusty & Marlene Glover; “Knot Again”, Larry & Mary Ann Habich; “Desperado”, Jon Lynch & Debbie Schwab; “Semper Paratus”, John & Pati Queen; “New Horizons”, Ted & Beverley Hutson; “Robyn M”, Rich & Robin McGloin; and “Daisy May”, Bob & Bonnie Martin. Also joining the group were prospective members Bob & Carol Peterson aboard “C R Side” & Paul & Stephanie Carrico aboard “Infinite Sea”, both boats completing their shake-down cruise.Mark-Thompson

Arriving at the Marina, members were given electronic arm bands that provided access to all the Resort’s amenities. Then, at 4:30, members met on the marina deck for cocktails and light snacks, before moving to a meeting room at 6:00 for a Pot Luck Picnic. Cruise Leaders Gary & Kathy Taake had prepared large pots of Pork Ribs and Smoked Turkey, and others provided side dishes and desserts, so it was an eat-all-you-can-hold feast.

After dinner, members were split into 2 teams, each with a “Brenda” Captain (Jetton & Stewart). Captains selected team members to participate in a series of eight “A Minute to Win It” games. Roars of laughter erupted during every game, with contestants trying hard to win in a one-on-one contest. There was the “Nose Dive” game where both contestants stick their nose in a pile of Vaseline, then pick up a cotton ball with their nose and deposit them in a bowl of water, a “Dizzy Mummy” game where one contestant turns in circles while being wrapped in toilet paper, and 6 other games. Each team won 3, so there was a final tie-breaker for the 2 captains.

Each Brenda was given a pair of panty hose with a penny in each toe. The ladies had to slip a panty hose leg over each arm and extract the pennies without crossing their arms or using hands on the opposite leg. After wild gyrations, Brenda Jetton was the first to extract the 2 pennies, so her team was declared the winner. Prizes were $100,000… (Small candy bars called “Hundred Grand”) for winning team members and “dum-dum lollipops” for the losers. Every contestant was a very good sport, and our thanks go to them for participating. Lots of laughs!


The second day began with a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs with bits of prime rib mixed in, fresh fruit, and assorted breakfast pastries prepared by the Cruise Leaders. Bloody Marys were also available to wake up the sleepy heads. The afternoon was free for members to go to the beach, swim in the heated pools, shop, play games, dink ride, or ride the trolley to lunch. At 4:30, happy hour began on the marina deck with Mai Tai’s provided by the cruise leaders, followed by a catered private dinner buffet poolside, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Joining the group by car for the dinner were members Bob Martin, Jeanie Douglass, Joan Prosser, Joan Raymond, Bruce & Sue Longman, Mary & John Brehm, Chuck Pollack & Sue Herzog, and Larry & Ana Maria Mitchell. Everyone enjoyed a great meal in a wonderful setting.


The third day began with another breakfast of French Texas Toast, fresh fruit and pastries. Then it was once again a choice of activities and a lunch on your own. At 4:30, members gathered at Hal & Dee Moss’s boat, “Hardee II” for a new boat name christening. Cups of champagne were provided by Hal & Dee to toast the removal of the old name and the unveiling of the new name. All who attended enjoyed the ceremony and wished them good luck on their new boat. Happy hour on the marina deck took place before “dinner on your own”.

The next morning boaters departed with fond memories and full stomachs following this fun-filled cruise. Thanks go to Dave O’Connor, dock master, and his great crew. And special thanks go to Gary & Kathy Taake for putting on a wonderful cruise. Their planning and special touches made this a cruise to remember.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations. For membership information please contact Larry Mitchell at 239-560-2823. View a short picture video of Club activities and review additional Club information on its website,

by Lee Jetton




South Seas Resort Cruise

South-Seas-016South Seas Resort on Captiva Island was the January destination of the Cape Coral Cruise Club.  Always a popular location, eighteen boats signed up for the cruise, however, illness or mechanical issues left eight boats unable to participate.  The ten boats that made the cruise were MOONLIGHTER, Lee & Brenda Jetton – BOW’T TIME, Terry & Laurie Carlson – Y KNOT, Phil & Pat Kryger – MARKATE, Mark & Kate Lewis – DESPERADO, John Lynch & Debbie Schwab – DAISY MAE, Bob & Bonnie Martin – SHARON ANN, Len & Sharon Palmisano – SUNKISSED, cruise leaders Phil & Lyn Quick along with Phil’s brother Lee – HAPPY OURS, Gary & Kathy Taake, and STILL CRAZY, Jeff & Joanne Zeimer.

Unusually cool weather limited pool activities, so the first night’s activities began with cocktails and snacks in the Captains Lounge, where the group was joined by members Rusty & Marlene Glover who had rented a condo at the resort, along with John & Pati Queen and Rich & Robyn McGloin who had driven.  This was followed by a resort trolley ride to Doc Fords for 6:00 pm dinner.  After great meals and fine libations, the group trolleyed back to the resort marina for conversation and games.

South-Seas-060The second day at South Seas began with a marvelous pancake and scrambled eggs breakfast in the Chart Room prepared by Susan Herzog and Mary Ann Habich. No one left hungry.  A number of the ladies then played cards in the Chart Room while the men explored the resort or fished off the fishing pier.  Competing with a large group of aggressive pelicans for the fish, several men caught a number of keepers even with the cold water and gusty winds.  One group rode the trolley to the shopping center, and another group walked to lunch.

After cocktails at 4:30, a dinner of grilled pork tenderloin (expertly grilled by Phil & Lee Quick) was offered at 6:00 along with an abundance of side dishes and desserts prepared by the ladies. Here the group was joined by members Larry & Mary Ann Habich, Hal & Dee Moss, Mark & Sue Thompson and Sue Herzog who had driven to the resort.  After this “feast”, a trivia contest was held. A prize was given for the highest score with Sharon & Len Palmisano winning a portable charcoal Barbeque grill. Another prize for the lowest score was won by Jeff & Joanne Zeimer, a 3-pack of LED flashlights.  There were lots of laughs with some of the incorrect answers, including one by Gary & Kathy Taake who stated that one of the Triple Crown winning horses was “Trigger”.  The night concluded with ten people playing “99”, and Lyn Quick winning the pot.  The chilly night made the pleasant hum of boat heaters necessary.

The final day began with a light continental breakfast of pastries and fruit in the Chart Room.  Then it was off for shopping, fishing, biking, or exploring, while a number of ladies concluded a game of Mexican Train Dominoes, with Brenda Jetton winning the pot.  Several of the men had a great day fishing with Phil Kryger, Gary Taake and Bob Martin filling a large bucket with fresh fish.  Two groups rode the trolley and then walked to the Green Flash for a late lunch or early dinner.


After cocktails in the Chart Room, left-overs from the Grilled Pork Dinner were served and again, no one left hungry.  A few then went for ice cream at “Scoops & Slices” before retiring for the night.

Saturday morning, the group departed for home with fond memories of South Seas Resort.  Special thanks go to Phil & Lyn Quick for their efforts in planning a great cruise, and to Harbormaster Charles Martz and his knowledgeable and courteous crew who made our stay so enjoyable.  You can be sure South Seas Resort will be a club destination in the near future.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations. For membership information please contact Larry Mitchell at 239-560-2823. View a short picture video of Club activities and review additional Club information on its website,

By Lee Jetton

Uncle Henry’s Marina cruise

Cruise leaders Mark and Kate Lewis planned the Cape Coral Cruise Club (CCCC) November trip to Uncle Henry’s Marina on Boca Grande. This is a location the Club had not been to in several years. Getting into Uncle Henry’s is a zigzag path through the channel off the GICW north of Boca Grande pass, but it is well marked and dock master Paul Robbins keeps a good eye on your progress so you don’t stray into trouble. The marina has a long single concrete dock with many good, wide slips. For its age the central dock is in very good condition.


Twelve CCCC member boats headed up the GICW on November 19th including: Panacea, Knot Again, Four Bugles, Y Knot, Markate, Whatever, Robyn M, Knotatoy, West Leigh, Happy Ours, KDJ, and Sharon Ann. The weather was great, winds light, and the water was smooth. After docking, hooking up electric, checking in, and doing some cleaning and organizing, we discovered that members Bob and Bonnie Martin, on their 33’ Ranger tug Daisy Mae, had come in from Sarasota to join the group. They were on the final southbound leg of a several month Great Loop journey.

DSC_0026It was almost docktail time and Bruce & Sue Longman and Rusty & Marlene Glover arrived by land yacht. Tradition is that the blowing of a conch shell starts happy hour. Mac was not present to perform the ritual, so, with his approval by phone, docktails began without him. A wide variety of pre-potluck snacks was greatly enjoyed. At 6:00pm more dishes began to appear for the pot luck dinner at the marina provided picnic shelter, consisting of a variety of salads, chicken legs, a sandwich ring, tortellini with meat balls, and a special goulash. Mark grilled chicken pieces marinated in a delicious, secret Jamaican jerk recipe. The serving table was packed including desserts of key lime pie and cream puffs.

uncle henrys 015Wednesday’s breakfast, also at the marina picnic shelter, consisted of an egg casserole created by Kate Lewis, along with croissants, muffins and fruit salad.

Kate prearranged for seven rental golf carts so members could explore Boca Grande which were delivered shortly after breakfast. They all looked like new WHITE carts (remember the color) and would seat four adults. In Boca Grande locals and tourists use golf carts on special wide paved trails to move about the island. After breakfast a few went fishing, some played cards while others left on carts to explore the Island, some going all the way down to Boca Grande Pass. Lunch for some was at the Loose Caboose and shopping is always a treat in Boca Grande.

uncle henrys 023Later in the afternoon we were joined by Hal & Dee Moss, Sharon & Wes Rubenich, Susan Herzog & Chuck Pollack, Dianne Myers, Ken & Sonja Wright, Ted & Beverly Hutson for docktails and the ride, for some, via golf cart to PJ’S Grille for dinner. Everyone had had great dinners along with a favorite beverage. Then it was back to our boats in the dark, many of us on our golf carts. When we arrived back at Uncle Henry’s, someone, I won’t mention any names, had a RED cart…not the rented white one. There was a quick run back to PJ’S Grille for a hasty exchange before the owner discovered the mistake. Hal Moss was called on to meet them there, because with headlights on plus a full day of use makes short life for a golf cart battery. All went OK and they returned safe and sound.

Thursday breakfast was eggs, fruit salad and croissants. The rest of day was open for each couple to fish, explore, play cards or just relax. Many headed in the golf carts to the south end of the Island for lunch at South Beach and a visit to the Boca Grande Lighthouse and Museum in Gasparilla Island State Park.

Docktails began around 4:30 with snacks and talk among members about the many interesting things to do in this old Florida atmosphere part of Southwest Florida. Dinner was on your own. Some went to the Tiki Bar restaurant and others remained on their boats.

Friday, the trip home was pleasant although due to breezy conditions, seas were just a little rough. It was another great trip for the Cape Coral Cruise Club. Thanks to one of our newest member couples, Kate and Mark Lewis, for their attention to detail making this a very memorable event.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations. For membership information please contact Larry Mitchell at 239-560-2823. View a short picture video of Club activities and review additional Club information on its website,

Words by Phil Kryger