The beginning half of February has proven to be quite successful for Fishin’ Frank and his clients! This past weekend there have been multiple reports of Pompano along the coast and are best caught with sand fleas, pieces of peeled Shrimp under a popping cork or tiny trap and jigs. Fishin’ Frank recommends the jigs like a small buck-tail or a Crazy/Banana Jig Placing a small piece of Shrimp meat on the point of the hook will better your odds. If you are using the Crazy/silly jigs then Fishin’ Frank recommends the ones with the teaser attached although he has been selling more of the plain ones. Pink and white or Chartreuse and white are the best-selling colors. He has also found that the Pompano are within casting distance from the beach all along the coast line.

During the middle of last week Cobia were being caught in Cape Haze Reef and in Alligator Creek Reef up in the Harbor. Both reefs had also seen a lot of Trolling Savage Trout. Fishin’ Frank found that you can lure them in with a large silver spoon or spinner and then have a rod with a free line Shrimp to cast lightly in front of them. Also, a good number of Spotted Sea Trout have been spotted out on the flats by Captain Tom Fisher on the morning of Tuesday, February 7th. He was able to get his customers a bunch of Trout and also Bonnethead Sharks (smaller Hammerhead Sharks) by removing the head of a shrimp to release the smell and then place it under a popping cork.

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