I thought July fishing was HOT! It was, but so is the first part of August. Fishing remains good for both inshore and offshore on the right tides when paired with the right species and locations. What I mean by this is work moving water on the outgoing and incoming tides. When fishing for Seatrout the location element is basically 4-5 foot of water over any grass flat, so long as the water is moving. Irrelevant as to incoming or outgoing tide. However, Snook, Redfish and Mangrove Snapper require one to be in a position to fish incoming or outgoing around or close to structure such as docks, rocks and dead trees around mangroves and island points. These areas will produce the best on high to middle of the tide movement. Once water hits to lower end of the tide, there will be little to no water to work with.

Pictured here is Ed Vanderslice from Brooks, Georgia holding one of many Snook he caught off of the Cayo Costa SE Point during an incoming tide. His two young daughters, (Katie 6 and Addie 5) also got the opportunity to enjoy a family day with Captain Terry, dad and mother (Niki) catching and landing their own fish. Katie is pictured holding her Mangrove Snapper and Addie has a Seatrout. These two little ladies were awesome and I am looking forward to their trip back to N. Captiva Island in the coming months, to do it again.

So far this month I have had the privilege to re-unite with my favorite ‘Swiss’ friends and clients, Hanspeter, Eva and Melanie to spend a day on the water with me. It had been 4 years since our last rendezvous do to COVID-19 travel restrictions from Europe. It was well worth the wait. Eva, Melanie and Hanspeter are pictured with a Redfish Melanie caught during the day trip full of other activities (lunch, beach, manatee and dolphin encounters). Melanie and her father are pictured with a beautiful Seatrout caught later in the day. Great job Melanie!

Fishing should continue to be good all month for both inshore and offshore fishing. Those wanting to fish for Red Grouper offshore should get it done before the end of August as the season will close September 1 until after January 2023! Follow my suggestions above when fishing inshore and one should be successful.

This is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters LLC wishing everyone safe fishing and fun boating. I am available as ‘Captain for Hire’ by the hour for safety, navigational training, fishing instructions and locations that will make your every trip a success. Check out my website at www.fishfacecharters.com. Email me at [email protected] to book a charter on my boat or yours. Feel free to call me at 239-357-6829 for an immediate response.

by Captain Terry Fisher

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