REDFISH (‘Reds’) are everywhere. The Redfish numbers continue to grow and their sizes are getting bigger. The bull (big) ‘Reds’ will continue to migrate in from the gulf to eat and mate before heading back to the gulf in November to winter in deeper water. The FULL MOON will provide for higher and stronger tides, lots of oxygenation and the fish will become very aggressive when foraging for food.

The baits of choice have been jumbo shrimps, live or cut Pinfish/ Ladyfish, Pilchards, finger mullets, gold spoons, top water lures, and scented plastics (jigged or rigged weed-less). This week has produced most of the Redfish around the mangrove islands at the top of incoming tides, using presentations stated above.



Pictured here is Mr. Davis Hasson of Naples, Florida (Senior at Florida Gulf Coast University), holding a Redfish caught on a jumbo shrimp. Davis is an avid fisherman and scuba diver and is always a pleasure to be around. Unfortunately, we had to cut this trip short due to weather. I recently had the pleasure of catching Bonefish on the ‘fly’ with Davis while on a ‘cultural’ exchange, fishing and scuba diving in Cuba, of which I will write about in a later report.

Now through the first week of September should be good fishing as the full moon approaches and then takes a few days to subside. Remember to work the oyster clustered areas surrounding the mangrove islands. Look for ‘jumping’ mullet as they are a very important part when it comes to locating Redfish (Redfish follow them around). I prefer to fish the top half of incoming tides for Redfish, as they seem to provide better results.

This is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters wishing everyone ‘tighter’ lines! Other fishing reports, tips and charter information may be found on my website at Feel free to email me at or for immediate attention, call me direct at 239-357-6829.

August 28,2015

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