The winds and recent ‘cold’ fronts have made it a little difficult” Says Captain Terry

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) The Ft. Myers boat show was a huge success with lots of people interested in many aspects of the Marine Industry including boating and fishing. I enjoyed sharing fishing techniques and offering suggestions during my seminars on how to locate and catch Redfish, Snook and Seatrout on the ‘flats’ and in the ‘back waters’ of the bays. Since then, I have been extremely busy with requests from clients on how to navigate and fish the waters in the Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Pine Island, Charlotte Harbor areas, ‘on board’ their vessels.

franks refish1Additionally, I have enjoyed taking new clients fishing on my vessel. Pictured here is Mr. Frank Miller of Floren, New Jersey with his 29” Redfish caught early last week on a Pilchard in the ‘back-country’ of Pine Island Sound. Unfortunately, the winds and recent ‘cold’ fronts have made it a little more difficult but the fish have still been fairly active and the next week or so should be good with the approach of a ‘new moon’.

In closing, I will be in the Maldives (Indian Ocean) to do some diving and fishing for myself. I am looking forward to sharing those experiences in some of my next articles. Charter requests may be made via email to or call 239-357-6829. Also, please check out my website for more information and fishing reports. This is Captain Terry Fisher praying that you had a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’!

Captain Terry says “Approaching ‘full moon’ and hopefully moderate temperatures, fish should continue to be receptive”

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) Last week proved good fishing. The only inconvenience were the winds blowing 10-20 knots out of the North/Northeast restricting access to some of my favorite spots. Snook, Seatrout and Redfish have been my emphasis; especially since Snook season is in ‘full-swing’ and all species are here in good numbers up and down Pine Island Sound and Matlacha Pass. Grouper and other migratory species are closer to shore with winter months approaching.

Jonathan Downs SnookSteven and Jonathan CohenIn the ‘back country’, I had the opportunity to fish with Mr. Steve Cohen and his grandson Jonathan Downs of Lansdale, PA. (pictured on the way back to port from a day on the water).  I also took the time to capture Jonathan with his first Snook. It was only one of many fish he caught that day. He showed a lot of natural talent required to become a superior angler.  I am looking forward to taking them again next year.

Fishing will probably be ‘tough’ the balance of the week and into the weekend with the cold front and high winds. Nonetheless, with the approaching ‘full moon’ and hopefully moderate temperatures, fish should continue to be receptive to most presentations, especially live pilchards.

This weekend I will be at the Ft. Myers Boat Show (Downtown Convention Center), to meet and greet both past and new clients.  I am scheduled to do some seminars on ‘How to Locate and Catch Redfish, Snook and Seatrout’. STOP BY THE FISH FACE CHARTERS BOOTH AND SAY HI!

More information regarding charters may be found at I am easily reached via email at or via phone number 239-357-6829.

Captain Terry says “Fishing has been real good with Pilchards.”

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) Fishing has been real good so long as I have been able to cast net and load the ‘bait-well’ with Pilchards. Other techniques; such as artificial, live and cut Pinfish and shrimps will also produce at certain times, but while the ‘white bait’ is still around, that is what I prefer using. Pictured here is Mr. David Boyer (Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army, Ret.) of Cleveland, Ohio, holding one of many Redfish he caught using live Pilchards. He also got the opportunity to catch a number of good sized Snook.

Dave Boyer Redfish
Last Friday (the day before the cool front) I had the pleasure of taking a couple of established charter client’s out to ‘target’ Snook and Redfish. Between them they caught and released over 20 fish including 12 Snook in the 24-26 inch range and 4 ‘slot-sized’ Redfish before we called it a day. Shown here is my ‘Understudy’, Captain Mike Wilson of Cape Coral, holding just one of many Snook he landed on Pilchards. The other client, Mr. Calvin Wiegers (of Massachussetts) is pictured with one of his Redfish.

MIke Wilson's SnookCalvin Wieger's Redfish









Fishing should continue to produce good action so long as the wind is not too strong. The tide movements are still good and the fish are fattening up for the winter months. More pictures, articles and charter information, may be obtained from my website, To contact me for a charter or any questions, call 239-357-6829 or email

So long as the cold fronts stay away and winds allow, fishing could be good! Says Captain Terry

Mark's Good TroutMark SNOOK 10-13(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) Last week proved ‘hard’ fishing because of the low morning, outgoing tides and north/northeast winds blowing out water from the ‘back country’, preventing access to a lot of good fishing spots. Nonetheless, my charters produced some nice fish in spite of the cold front that passed through. The fish ‘lay-low’ during the morning following the temperature drop, but by the end of that day, my afternoon charter client, Mr. Mark Ballard of Dyer, Indiana proved his angling abilities by landing a 31” Snook and a 24” Seatrout (both pictured here) on the river side around Shell Island.

Dads Redfish 10-13Later in the week, I fished the northern end of Pine Island Sound (Pineland) with my father-in-law (Bill Kern of Wentzville, Missouri) and found a few fish on the top of the outgoing tide, in and around the deeper mangrove cuts. The winds continued to plague the day but Bill was still successful catching several species, including the Redfish pictured here.

This week will ‘front’ a new moon, but those fishing the flats and backcountry during the day will have to work the lower of the two high tides. So long as the cold fronts stay away and the winds allow, fishing could be good for both inshore and offshore.

Check out my website for more articles and charter information. Feel free to contact me by phone number 239-357-6829 or email me at

Captain Terry says “I expect good fishing all of this week during the ‘full moon’ cycle.”

(FT. MYERS BEACH TO CHARLOTTE HARBOR) Last week proved to be productive fishing in light of the cooler weather and good tides. Morning or midday seemed to make little difference so long as one had the right baits and was fishing tide movements. I attribute part of the success to reduced water ‘run-offs’ from Lake Okeechobee together with reduced amounts of rain. In the ‘back country’, Pilchards have been producing more strikes and harvest for both the preferred species of  Snook and Redfish, while live and cut baits, such as Pinfish and grunts, worked well in the passes and offshore for Grouper and Snapper. Artificial baits have been productive for Crevalle Jacks, Spanish and King Mackerel.

This week should be good with the ‘full moon’ cycle providing good tide movement; but it is time to ‘get out there’ while the opportunities exists to get into the shallower areas as winter approaches bringing lower tide levels and slower water movement.
Kenny PearsonNicole Pearson Seatrout

Recently, I had the opportunity to fish with the Kevin Pearson and his family from the Ft. Lauderdale area. Pictured here are his daughter and son; (Nicole) showing off a nice Seatrout caught just minutes before her brother (Kenny Pearson) landed his 25” Redfish on the flats of Punta Rassa. Nicole also caught a Redfish shortly afterwards in the vicinity of Galt Island. Nicole was the ‘winner’ of that outing and I am looking forward to the next trip with Kenny and his family.

James WardJames Ward-2In light of the nice weather, a number of clients have requested late afternoon and evening ‘Sunset’ cruises to enjoy ‘dolphin watching’, serenity and some ‘family time’ on our beautiful waters. Pictured here are James Ward with his lovely wife Amy enjoying the evening with Harold and Carol Moldenhauer (James mother and father-in-law) all from the Detroit, Michigan area. They spend time each season on North Captiva and are seasoned ‘regulars’ to our area. Very nice people and I hope that I have an opportunity to serve them again.

In closing, I expect good fishing all of this week during the ‘full moon’ cycle. Fish tide and current movements with the baits that I have mentioned above and one should find success. Check out my website at for more fishing forecasts, articles and charter information. I am easily reached by phone number 239-357-6829 or via email at

Captain Terry says “Great fishing for Snook, Redfish and other species alike.”

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) Last week was fantastic fishing for Redfish, Snook and Seatrout. I prefer fishing the northern half (Redfish Pass to Charlotte Harbor)  as well as the back waters of Matlacha Pass in light of the high tannin water influxes at the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River. The water is much clearer up there with plenty of Pilchards available to cast to. Pilchards have been the ‘bait of choice’ for me and most of the other captains that I have talked with. I have had lesser success with artificial, live shrimp and cut baits.

Pictured here is Kristen Mory of St. Petersburg, Fl. with a nice Snook she took on a live Pilchard after chumming up the area. Her friends, Emily and Cornelia of St. Petersburg are pictured here with their fish as well. Cornelia had to boat her Redfish by hand when the reel malfunctioned on the retrieve. These ladies were a pleasure to fish and I enjoyed watching all three prove their angling expertise on a number of occasions that day! Nice going ladies!
Christen's Snook UsseppaCornelia UseppaEmily's Snook Usseppa

Moreover, I had the pleasure of fishing a wedding party from Tarpon Lodge at Pineland last week. Ms. Sammi Willis (the bride), is pictured here with her Seatrout. Her brother (Brandon Willis together with father) is shown with his nice ‘slot’ Snook of 28 inches, while the ‘father of the bride’, Bill Willis, shows off a nice Redfish. Congratulations to Seth Wadas and his ‘Bride’, Sammi on their marriage.
Sammi Willis WeddingBill Willis Father of BrideSeth Wedding Party Tarpon Lodge

This week should continue to produce great fishing for Snook, Redfish and other species alike. Mackerel and Triple Tail along with grouper are all available and closer to shore. They are all active. I wake up every morning ready to go and capitalize on the October Redfish and Snook action that awaits most any angler. I am still available for charters during some of the October days for anyone that wants to get in on the action. Call me at 239-357-6829 or email me at Check out my website at for complete information and more fishing reports.

Captain Terry says “Fish as close to the mangroves as possible”

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) Overall, this week has provided good fishing results, acknowledging however, that there have been a couple of days when finding fish south of Redfish Pass has been a challenge, mostly because of the extensive water releases from Lake Okeechobee coupled with additional water from the afternoon storms.

I believe that great fishing opportunities exist for the next week or so for the following reasons;

  1. We are ‘on’ and soon ‘off’ of a new moon.
  2. Snook season is open (offering more opportunity to target another species for both sport and harvesting).
  3. Season change is bringing in the big ‘Bull’ Redfish to feed before returning to the ‘Gulf’ for the winter months.
  4. The bait fish (including shrimps) are bigger and more abundant.


When fishing the ‘back country’, I suggest the cooler, early morning hours when water levels are at their lowest and the fish cannot hide in the mangroves. Fish as close to the mangroves as possible and one should be rewarded as the water is deeper than normal and holds fish.

I have spent much time fishing new areas (from Punta Rassa to Bokelia) in an effort to locate and track the target fish (Snook/Redfish). I am convinced ( based on recent catches) that the northern half of Pine Island Sound and  Matlacha Pass will produce the better opportunities over the next couple of weeks.

Those with the desire and ability to fish the northern  and eastern side of Charlotte Harbor (including the ‘Burnt Store Bar’ areas) might find more success with Redfish over the next couple of weeks until the weather brings more of the

Johns Redfish

m southward and into Punta Rassa Bay. Moreover, the water clarity is better.

In regards to the northern most areas mentioned above, I had the opportunity to fish with a friend of mine, Mr. John Medsker of Cape Coral, a superior angler with lots of local knowledge. We enjoyed ‘sight-fishing’ for Snook and Redfish. The morning started early, catching bait. We fished the incoming tide for Snook with some success. Several species were caught before the day was over, including the two Redfish (each pictured here with John), both measuring over 32 inches.  Our presentations included both live and artificial.

Offshore fishing should remain very good as long as weather permits going out. Tripletail should be showing up in bigger numbers with grouper moving in closer and into the passes.

Johns Redfish2

In closing, there are good days of fishing in the forecast. Feel free to contact me at 239-357-6829 or email me at . Visit my website; for additional articles and charter information.

“Even in tannin waters, fish must still eat!” Says Captain Terry

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) Last week I wrote that the best opportunity to catch fish in our tannin waters (inshore and back country) is in the early morning hours or late evening hours, regardless of the tide flow. Naturally the times mentioned above, coupled with moving water will most always prove the best scenario. At this time, with all the rain and large amounts of water releases from Lake Okeechobee, I still believe the ‘outgoing’ tides will provide anglers with the most success. The excessive amount of water is giving the fish extra protection and more hiding places deep into the mangroves and into some shoreline structures not normally accessible by boat or wading. Other than water holding in deep pockets in ‘back country’ locations, the ‘outgoing’ tides force fish to move out and off of many structures to relocate on or just off of the flats until the tide turns. This strategy has proven effective on my most recent charters.Danielle's Pompano

Last week, I had the pleasure of fishing with Ms. Danielle O’Banion, ladies basketball coach at Kent State in Ohio (Go GOLDEN FLASHES!). Danielle was taking a last minute vacation prior getting back to school to help prepare her team for the upcoming season and chose southwest Florida as her destination. We departed around 7:30 A.M. in time to fish during the majority of the outgoing tide. Our first stop was in Pine Island Sound (‘Sound’), on the flats, beside a creek mouth in about 5 feet of water. We used live shrimp under a cork and caught numerous fish including; Seatrout, Mangrove Snapper, a Redfish and Pompano.

The second stop around Galt Island proved non-productive, as the outgoing tide had all but subsided. We decided to relocate to a spot on the east side of Sanibel where the bottom half of the outgoing tide was still moving the fish out of the mangroves toward the flats to hold in about 3 feet or more of water. Since Danielle is a seasoned angler, I decided to change angling strategies by giving her an opportunity to cast artificial lures and scented soft baits toward the mangroves. Danielle proved herself as the best lady angler I have had the pleasure to fish with (other than my 1st Mate Vicki; of course).

Danielle's RedfishThe 26” Redfish pictured here was caught on a Gulp Penny color shrimp on light tackle and is only one of many fish and species we caught that morning. We finished the charter chasing some resident Tarpon on slack tide in the back waters. We had a brief encounter with one, but were not able to get a good ‘hook-set’, which may have ‘topped off’ the charter with a ‘SUPER SLAM’ (SEATROUT, POMPANO, REDFISH, SNOOK AND TARPON), all within about 6 hours.


This is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters wishing you the best. Charter inquires or additional fishing articles may be obtained at my website Feel free to email me at with any questions or call me at 239-357-6829.