Moore Haven Lock Reopened to Navigation

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has reopened the Moore Haven Lock to navigation after completing installation of the Manatee Protection System (MPS) July 14.

“Installation of the Manatee Protection System was completed three weeks ahead of schedule, allowing us to reopen the lock on Okeechobee Waterway to navigation,” said Al Bruns, project manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District.

Work was initially scheduled to begin May 14, but was postponed twice after taking into consideration the concerns expressed by local business owners, recreational boaters and residents about  the lock being closed during the height of boating season and the resulting economic impacts.  The work, which began June 11, was scheduled to take approximately eight weeks to finish, was completed in approximately five weeks.

Installation of the MPS is part of the Manatee Pass Gates project.  The primary goal of the project is to safeguard Florida’s endangered manatees at water control structures and navigation locks by modifying these structures with a MPS. Using a set of acoustic transmitters and receivers, the MPS detects the West Indian manatee and prevents the gates from closing and harming the protected animal.

Additional information on this and other navigation notices impacting the Okeechobee Waterway can be found at the following website:

Additional information on the Manatee Pass Gates project is available at the following website:


Lee County Fishing Report with Captain Terry

By Captain Terry Fisher, Fish Face Charters

(FT. MYERS BEACH TO CHARLOTTE HARBOR) Yes, the fishing is improving since my last report. The Snook are still the easiest to target on the beaches and in the passes as well as on the last half of the higher tide in the Mangroves. The stronger the tide, be it outgoing or incoming, the better.  I suggest targeting deeper cuts and points as the fish are looking for relief from the heat. When you spot your quarry or have the intuition one is lurking around, make four to five repeat presentations in the target area. If you do get a ‘swirl’ or ‘slap’ at the presentation (especially if one is using artificial lures) odds are in your favor that they may not resist other opportunities. However, after you have caught a couple of fish from a school or made several passes, they get wiser and it is probably to your advantage to move onto another spot.

Likewise, the Redfish (‘Red’s’) will move up in the Mangroves on a high tide and in the deeper cuts as well until they move out just at the flats as the tide subsides. Based on my recent charters and other reports the ‘Reds’ seem to be more concentrated in the upper part of Pine Island Sound.

Gray Snapper and Flounder bites have also been good in the back country and they are tasty as well. The Sea Trout seem to always be active and I have had recent success with some Permit and Pompano on the sandy flats in about 4-6ft. of water. The bait and tactics that I am using are both live and artificial depending on the time of the day. I prefer artificial in the early morning hours and live/cut baits during the daytime.

Charlotte County Fishing Report with Frank

 By “Fishin” Frank of Fishing Franks Fishing Store in Port Charlotte

Charlotte Harbor fishing, Is truly great right now.  Even though the Peace River went from a running depth of 1.5 foot to 9 feet in less than 3 days, it seems to have excited a chain reaction feeding event.  Sharks, Tarpon, and Spanish Mackerel are thick throughout the Harbor.

The trick to these fish are last half of the incoming tide and the first half of the out going. Why you might ask?  That brings in cool salty water from the gulf, the rivers running full are flushing a huge amount of bait & other foods.  So when the tide is coming in, the fish are feeding.  Cut bait Mullet, Catfish, Lady Fish all very good right now. The reef at Alligator creek and the middle hole are both holding huge amounts of fish right now.

So go out have some fun in the summer heat, the weather is not all that’s hot, so is the fishing.

Fishin Frank













Lee County Fishing Report with Captain Terry

By Captain Terry Fisher, Fish Face Charters

(LEE COUNTY/FT.MYERS TO CHARLOTTE HARBOR) – Since tropical storm Debbie (‘Debbie’) I have had five (5) charters, including a Tarpon charter last Monday, only to report it is very slow going. My fellow Charter Captains are all reporting the same. I took my Tarpon charter client, Mr. Frank Mellusi from New Jersey, out to Boca Grande Pass to see if the Tarpon had returned only to catch a nine foot (9’) Nurse Shark.  It appears the Tarpon may have moved up towards Tampa, as I only spotted a few rolling on the strong out-going tide and my fellow captains not seeing many of them around the beaches or other passes.

Moreover, ‘back country’ has not been producing satisfactorily as before ‘Debbie’. Baits have been hard to find and the shrimp are very small. However, I have been having most of my success in the early morning hours with artificial baits before the scorching heat. The Snook seem to be the easiest to locate and catch on the last half of the incoming tides, while the other species are hard to locate due to the higher water tides created by the full moon and aftermath of ‘Debbie”. However, the water is clearing up and as the water levels get back in place and the white bait returns, I feel the bite will improve.

Anyone who wants to go fishing should get excited as the balance of the month of July should prove to be very successful. So get out there and have a good time’ as the winds are calm, making for a ‘great day on the water.’ If I may be of any assistance give me a call at 239-357-6829/239-471-7332 or email me at [email protected]. Check out my website at

Fireworks on the Water

We keep telling you that Southwest Florida is just about the best place for boating in the U.S.  To help prove that point, why not get out on the water and enjoy your 4th of July Fireworks from the water.  The view is always the best from the water side.  You get the fireworks themselves and usually some great reflections off the water as well.  You don’t have to fight traffic and parking issues.  And you don’t have to lug coolers and chairs all over the place. There are plenty of options for a great evening on the water.  Here’s a list of waterfront fireworks we came up with.

  • PUNTA GORDA –  Punta Gorda will hold its annual 4th of July celebration at Laishley Park, 100 Nesbit Street on July 4, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m  Fireworks begin at 9:00pm
  • CAPE CORAL – Red, White & Boom is held at the foot of the Cape Coral Bridge on Cape Coral Parkway.  Fireworks are scheduled to start around 9:30.
  • FORT MYERS –  Fort Myers Freedom Fest –  Downtown at the River District.  Block party starts at 6PM with fireworks at 9:30  off the Pavilion next to the boat ramp.  Free dockage (space available) will be provided at the City Yacht Basin.
  • FORT MYERS BEACH –  The Fireworks will commence from the Pier at about dusk.
  • SANIBEL – Fireworks will be at the end of Bailey Road near the Causeway Bridge.  Fireworks will begin at dusk.
  • NAPLES – The 4th of July Fireworks display will be at the City Pier beginning at 9:00PM
  • MARCO ISLAND –  City of Marco Island 4th Fireworks display at Residents Beach – 130 South Collier Blvd.  Fireworks begin at 9:00PM













Charlotte County Fishing Report with Frank


 By “Fishin” Frank of Fishing Franks Fishing Store in Port Charlotte

June 28, 2012 – The water has turned black in the canals along the river, which is to be expected, after days of pounding rain, & wind which is like using a big stick to stir all the muck and methane from the bottom. This can be a really good thing if it helps to get some of the muck from the bottom stirred into the water and hopefully flushed out of here. The tides today are starting at a .7 going up to a 1.7 then back down to a .2 this build up and strong outgoing flush is just what we need. The water should be much clearer tomorrow, and the bite should be good for the weekend.

The gulf it is going to take a little longer to settle the muck out of the water, the waves pounded the shore lines and dragged tons of sand from where it was. Everything is going to change in the gulf, but by Sunday, if we do not get any strong winds between then & now, look for some great fishing. Gag Grouper opens this weekend the 1st of July and they have been on many of the near shore reefs. The best thing about Gags is they eat anything, Squid, frozen bait fish, Live fish, If you drop it they will eat. Inside the harbor I would check the reef at Alligator creek or at the Placida Trestle (live bait fish is going to be your best bet). If you are using dead bait be sure to bring chum, get the smell going, makes them hungry. Chumming for Gags inside is the way to make it happen.

Snook are thick in all of the canals, and the spillways are on fire. Any color lure (as long as it’s white!) are making the Snook crazy. Cast & get a hit. This is something you need to try now! Read this and get it together, it won’t last long, a real barn burner. Go to a spillway where fresh water flows into the Saltwater. Start at the top with your lure, Cast until you catch a Bass. Then the easy part, start casting the base of the Dam and catch your Snook. Same spot. Same lure. How cool is that!! Like I said, this is a limited time offer, when the water quits flowing over the dams, it is over. Go out have some fun, enjoy getting back outside, Be safe when walking up to the spillways.

Good luck,

Fishin Frank











Lee County Fishing Report with Captain Terry

By Captain Terry Fisher, Fish Face Charters

(LEE COUNTY) Summer weather brings out some of the best fishing opportunities our areas from North Ft. Myers Beach to Boca Grande Pass have to offer.

INSHORE:  Snook are everywhere along the beaches and in the passes of Sanibel, Captiva, North Captiva and Cayo Costa Islands feeding on schools of glass minnows and scaled sardines. Spinning casters, Fly fishermen/women are walking and stalking the beaches for an opportunity to land one of the most sought after gamefish for the pure excitement of the fight and bragging rights they provide. Spinning casters using artificials should find success using suspending twitch baits, small white bucktail jigs and X-Raps to name a few. Fly-fishers have had success with numerous patterns such as small deceivers and Clauser minnows. Be sure your equipment is up to the task. Spinning casters will want 15-20 lb line test and they along with the Fly-fishers should consider a 40lb Fluorocarbon leader. Remember to stay back away from the water for best results.

Those with flats and bay boats will want to try angling  close to the mangroves in Pine Island Sound as well as on the inside of the Outer Islands along structure on the last half of the incoming or the first half of the outgoing using whitebait for best results;

Redfish may be targeted in the same areas as the Snook on the first part of the outgoing tide using Pilchards, Threadfin Herrings or large shrimp on a 2/0-4/0 hook either under a cork or free line. As the tide subsides, move out to the oyster bars and troughs. Artificial baits such as, Gulp Shrimp (Penny color) on a 1/8 ounce redheaded jig, gold spoons and soft plastics should provide results. I prefer to fish the early morning or late evening hours for both Snook and Redfish, so long as the tide is moving. This provides the best opportunity to break out the top-water lures and experience vicious strikes from both species. My tackle preference for both Snook and Reds are somewhat similar being 7 ½ ft medium to medium power heavy rods w/extra fast action tips matched with Stradic 4000-5000 FI Shimano reels loaded with 20 lb braid tipped with 3 ft. 25-30lb Fluorocarbon leaders depending on the type of bottom and density of the structure I am fishing;

Trout are everywhere. Deep V, deck and pontoons alike can get in on this action on the grass flats of Punta Rassa and in Pine Island Sound. Use the same bait and equipment mentioned above only with lighter leaders (15-20lb), a light jig head on a 2/0 size hook positioned about 3ft under a popping cork on an incoming tide in 3-6 ft. of water. You will lose a few however, as the Spanish Mackerel attacks the bait. To help prevent this, go with a heavier leader or a small wire leader attached directly to your main line understanding that this may cost you a few strikes;

Mangrove Snappers are still around and can be found under about any mangrove structure. They love shrimps free-lined or under a cork so long as the bait lays close to the bottom or around the structure.

Tarpon are here but the reported catches have been off as well as the bite. I recently spoke with Mr. Bob Thomas, President of the Cape Coral Tarpon Hunters Club and agreed that June was not as productive as we had hoped. Attributed in part to the early warm waters of April and May and the seemingly early arrival of the Tarpon; the south and west winds have played havoc on the fishing. He reported that live bait fishermen/women are using Threadfins and Pinfish under a cork with the most success in the passes and around bridges. Dead bait fishermen and women are relying on catfish fillets, Spanish Mackerel chunks and ladyfish for the most part. Not a lot of Tarpon sightings of late in the Caloosahatche River. However, as the weeks progress the Tarpon should be showing up in the potholes of Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor. When the weather cooperates, I find the Tarpon off of the beaches of Ft. Myers, Sanibel, Captiva and North Captiva in 10-30 feet of water as well as in the passes. Early morning and evenings with tide movement are the best times to target these fish. My bait of choice are live large Threadfins/Pilchards, Pinfish and Mullet under a cork or free-lining. I use lighter tackle than most of my fellow Cape Coral Tarpon Hunters. I use spinning tackle that can handle 50-65lb braid tipped with 60-80 lb test 6-8ft Fluorocarbon leaders and a 6/0-7/0 circle hook. Be prepared to catch your share of sharks as well.

Depending on the weather and tide movements, fishermen and ladies working famous Boca Grande Pass are using techniques which include jigs as well as live baits (big threadfins, pilchards, crabs) with some success.

OFFSHORE: I have not spent a lot of time working the structures and wrecks offshore as I have concentrated my efforts on back country and Tarpon, not to mention that my new 21ft. Cobia Center Console Bay Boat is not designed for long trips on the Gulf of Mexico. However, some of my fellow captains report the following;

Red Grouper may be found anywhere from 10-20 miles offshore. They are eating cut Squid, Sardines, Pinfish when being heavily chummed. Fishermen going out 20 miles or more are catching their limits;

Red Snapper/Mutton Snapper are being found on structure in about 150 ft. of water are being chummed and being caught on Squid, Sardines and Pinfish as well. They are averaging anywhere from 5-10lbs for Muttons and 5-17lbs for Red Snappers;

Permit are closer to the shore line and are being found anywhere from 5-20 miles out on structure using live crabs, live shrimps and big chartreuse jigs tipped with cut bait and are weighing in anywhere from 15-30lbs.

In closing, there are numerous other species that will be caught both In-shore and off-shore. Simply pick your day to go and be safe. There are a number of reliable weather sources to go to for planning your next fishing trip. I basically rely on for marine forecast and my planning purposes together with the local news weather channels. If I may be of assistance on your next trip or answer any questions about fishing or boating the beautiful and bountiful waters of SW Florida (Lee County) simply give me a call at 239-357-6829/239471-7332 or email me at [email protected]. Check out my website at I am for hire on your vessel or mine. My rates are posted on the web-site or may call on the phone numbers listed above. I am USCG License, insured with years of fishing experience. Customer satisfaction and helping you know the area and understanding how to catch more big fish is what I am all about.

Explore the River District

By Pat Roush, Paradigm Yacht Sales

Southwest Florida has just about the finest boating waters you will find anywhere.   We have beautiful, protected waters.  Great places for cruising, sightseeing, fishing, swimming, anchoring or whatever you enjoy.  And there are plenty of restaurants, bars and overnight dockage spots within a short cruise from wherever you are.  As a long-time resident and avid boater, I’m looking forward to sharing with you my favorite places to go and things to do on the water.

I’m sure that some who read these articles will be familiar with the destinations but may have forgotten just how nice they can be. And for newcomers to our coast, maybe this will help you enjoy your boating experience even more.

I thought we would start up the Caloosahatchee River a bit to the Ft Myers River District in the historic downtown area.  By the way, in case you don’t know, the Caloosahatchee River is part of the Okeechobee Waterway System that connects the east and west coasts of Florida.  That’s a really great trip if you feel a little more adventurous (I’ll cover that in another article).

Anyway, the River District, an easy boat ride east (about 15 miles up the river from the Gulf of Mexico) brings you to the City of Ft Myers Yacht Basin.   Dockmaster Leif Lustig and his friendly staff allow complimentary daytime dockage, if available, with an easy walk to downtown.  Or they can accommodate an overnight stay, at reasonable rates, if you prefer.  Call the Yacht Basin at 239-321-7080.

Downtown Ft Myers has undergone a major facelift and revitalization over the past few years (with more on the way) and is proving to be a great boating destination.  Once downtown, you can take advantage of a wide variety of restaurants (my favorite thing to do) historic structures and many on main and off main shops.

There is even an interactive butterfly house (sounds dorky but is actually pretty neat with a café on site) , The Southwest Florida Museum of History and even the Art of the Olympians building.  And of course the Edison Ford Estate is just a few blocks away.  If you’ve never done that tour, it is well worth your time.

The District has many planned events ranging from car and bike cruise-ins, to art and music walks, to outdoor concerts and is home to the Fort Myers Boat Show each November.

You are guaranteed not to go away hungry, thirsty or in need of entertainment.  And, if you need a place for the night, the Hotel Indigo is right in the heart of downtown.  There are also both slip and hotel accommodations a short walk away at the Legacy Harbour Marina (239-461-0775).

You can check on line at for more details and event calendars.

Get that boat out and go have fun!

Getting the Most Out of Your High and Dry Marina Experience

By Ken Stead, General Manager, Cape Haze Marina

So you have decided that trailering your boat is no longer how you want to get your boat out on the water and you’ve selected a marina with inside or outside storage, and a forklift to launch your boat. Your boat is now going to get washed down and the engine(s) flushed, a great way to help keep her in shipshape.

Here are some tips to maximize your marina experience.

Cape Haze MarinaAlways try to give the marina as much advance notice as possible when scheduling your boat launch. Showing up without a phone call requesting a launch can play havoc with everyone’s schedule – the marina’s and other boaters. An hour is typical, but each marina is different. Realize if you don’t call, there could be four or five boats ahead of you for launch.

Arrive on time or let the marina know when you are running late. On busy days there can be limited room in the launch area and a couple of boats sitting for an extra hour can really clog up the basin.

Be sure the marina has a set of keys or that you keep a key in the boat. Comes in handy when we need to move it, or when you forget your set!

Cape Haze Marine Dry Dock StorageTake advantage of all of the marina’s services. For instance we will fill your boat with fuel, put ice and beverages in your cooler, test run your boat, etc. to make your day on the water hassle free and enjoyable. Most marinas provide some if not all of these services and I recommend that you use them. Nobody likes to show up and find a dead battery for instance. While we will loan you a new one to get out going, your still going to be waiting while we swap it out.

Speaking of test runs, if you haven’t used your boat in month’s, call a week in advance and request a “back in service” check to see if your boat needs any mechanical attention before you arrive for a day on the water. This is particularly important if you didn’t have it “layed up” or “summarized” before it’s extended period of inactivity. We offer to run your boat on a monthly basis if you know you are not going to be using it for an extended period, this is the best way to keep all your systems operational.

With over 30 years of Marine Industry experience, Ken is always happy to answer your questions. Email him at [email protected].

When it comes to boating, Gasparilla Marina has you covered!

Gasparilla Marina

Gasparilla Marina is one of South West Florida’s finest deepwater marinas with a storage capacity of 1000+ boats.

Enclosed Storage

We offer traditional wet and dry storage or storage in our 2-acre fully enclosed facility, protecting your vessel from the elements. With 5 forklifts having up to a 42,000 lb capacity and 2 travel lifts handling up to 70-tons we can store and service most any size vessel.

Other amenities include 24 hour security, on-site sales and service, fuel dock, bait shop, ships store, showers, laundry facilities and boat rentals.

If you’re looking for a daytrip our onsite restaurant, Waterside Bar and Grill is the perfect location offering indoor and outdoor seating, entertainment, daily food and drink specials. Maybe you’d like to dock at the marina overnight, no worries our restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 6:30 am to 11 PM daily.

Gasparilla Marina Cocktails

Thousands of boaters from all over Florida have discovered the relaxed atmosphere and quality service at Gasparilla Marina. Since we are located directly on a deep water channel just off Boca Grande, you avoid those frustrating no-wake zones. Customers enjoy easy, high speed access to Charlotte Harbor, the Intercoastal Waterway, the world famous Boca Grande Pass, and everything that lies beyond.

Gasparilla Marina is a first class, full service marina just minutes from the intercoastal, Gulf of Mexico and world famous Boca Grande Pass. Stop by and ask for a tour!