By “Fishin” Frank of Fishing Franks Fishing Store in Port Charlotte

June 28, 2012 – The water has turned black in the canals along the river, which is to be expected, after days of pounding rain, & wind which is like using a big stick to stir all the muck and methane from the bottom. This can be a really good thing if it helps to get some of the muck from the bottom stirred into the water and hopefully flushed out of here. The tides today are starting at a .7 going up to a 1.7 then back down to a .2 this build up and strong outgoing flush is just what we need. The water should be much clearer tomorrow, and the bite should be good for the weekend.

The gulf it is going to take a little longer to settle the muck out of the water, the waves pounded the shore lines and dragged tons of sand from where it was. Everything is going to change in the gulf, but by Sunday, if we do not get any strong winds between then & now, look for some great fishing. Gag Grouper opens this weekend the 1st of July and they have been on many of the near shore reefs. The best thing about Gags is they eat anything, Squid, frozen bait fish, Live fish, If you drop it they will eat. Inside the harbor I would check the reef at Alligator creek or at the Placida Trestle (live bait fish is going to be your best bet). If you are using dead bait be sure to bring chum, get the smell going, makes them hungry. Chumming for Gags inside is the way to make it happen.

Snook are thick in all of the canals, and the spillways are on fire. Any color lure (as long as it’s white!) are making the Snook crazy. Cast & get a hit. This is something you need to try now! Read this and get it together, it won’t last long, a real barn burner. Go to a spillway where fresh water flows into the Saltwater. Start at the top with your lure, Cast until you catch a Bass. Then the easy part, start casting the base of the Dam and catch your Snook. Same spot. Same lure. How cool is that!! Like I said, this is a limited time offer, when the water quits flowing over the dams, it is over. Go out have some fun, enjoy getting back outside, Be safe when walking up to the spillways.

Good luck,

Fishin Frank











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