By Captain Terry Fisher

The first week of January was cold and windy, although the fishing was good for those willing to brave the cold and the winds. Naturally, I scheduled the charters for times and locations that would produce some results. The Cyclone Bomb (extreme cold and winds) that blew across the country had and is still having, a devastating effect on the inshore bites from Seatrouts, Spanish Mackerel and Pompano. However, it did bring in some nice Sheepshead and provided my anglers with some great action on light tackle. Small Snook, Black Drum and Mangrove Snapper were only somewhat active. Offshore fishing has been virtually non-existence basically due to high winds.

However, two of my favorite families, joined me on yearly, January fishing excursions. Their children are some of my favorites. Like true professionals, they chose to ignore the cold and wind and went regardless. Pictured are Seth Loehr (12) from Indianapolis, Indiana showing two of his numerous catches during a half-day charter with his father Andrew and sister Adriana (7). Adriana proudly displays (and rightfully so), the big Snook, she landed. She has been promoted to a Lady Junior Angler. After landing the big Snook, Adriana spent a good deal of time assisting me in issuing shrimps to Seth and her father. Taking 3rd place is their father, pictured with one of his many catches. Great job kids and dad! Looking forward to next year, as Seth told me he is going to practice his casting for more accurate presentations to target even bigger fish!

The David and Joan Porter family from Columbus, Ohio are others that I admire and enjoy being with. Alaina (7) is a Little Lady Junior Angle’. She is pictured with her Sheepshead She also caught a Mangrove Snapper. As one can see, Alaina is so sweet the fish cannot resist biting her hook. Shawn (13) is on the wrestling team at his school. We have a lot in common, as we both like to fish and I was on a wrestling team in college. Shawn is pictured (alongside of Captain Terry) holding his biggest Sheepshead of the day. It was one of many fish he caught. Shawn is athletic and a natural with a rod and reel in hand. Rose (11) is an advanced Lady Junior Anger. She catches one right after another, including the Black Drum she is holding. Not to be outdone, David caught trout and a variety of other species. He is pictured holding a Seatrout. Mom, Joan, assisted the Captain during most of the charter. Next year, hopefully Alaina will not require as much help and should give Joan more time to fish. Looking forward to getting Joan on a big fish!

Since after the first week of January, fishing has been very tough due in part to cold snaps, high winds, low tides and little water movement. Hopefully, the weather will warm the winds will subside and the bite improve. Nonetheless, the fish are there and they will get more active any day now.

This is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters, LLC ( wishing everyone safe boating and tighter lines. Call me at 239-357-6829 or email to book a charter on my vessel or Captain for Hire (by the hour on your vessel) offering safety, navigation instruction, fishing techniques and prime fishing spots that will insure your every outing a success. Check out my monthly fishing articles with tips and techniques in the monthly editions of Coastal Angler Magazine, located at most local bait and tackle shops, Marine Dealers, Publix and Bass Pro Shop of Ft. Myers (to name a few).

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