By Captain Terry Fisher

Prior to hurricane Irma, the fishing was fairly good if one could stand the hot, humid, mid-day temperatures. I always prefer the early morning hours during August and September so long as the tides are high. Once that temperatures top out above 95 Fahrenheit, the bite has a tendency to slow down.

I had the opportunity to take my neighbors grandchildren, Matty and Blake Finkelstein (11 and 9 respectively) on a charter prior to hurricane Irma. Like their grandparents (Jeff and Rosalie), they are from Toronto, Canada and have never done ocean fishing. Nonetheless, they could have fooled me, as they displayed a lot of potential for future outings to catch more fish. Each junior angler is pictured here with one of their many Seatrout catches of the day! NICE JOB GUYS! Earlier in the day, we went after Redfish. Jeff hooked one, but unfortunately I failed to adjust the drag to insure a catch. Sorry about that Jeff. I will make it up to you when I give you lessons on fishing the canal in Cape Coral. Looking forward to seeing you in November.

Matty Blake

Another memorable day on the water was when I had the pleasure of taking out my newest junior anglers, Thomas and Francesca Bisordi (ages 10 and 8 respectively) of Sarasota, Florida. Thomas was like a little machine, catching his share of Seatrouts. His sister was the best eight-year young, fisher-lady that I have ever had on a boat. She caught the most fish (including a Sheepshead) and the biggest. Both are pictured with one of their prize catches of the day. Their father and mother (Mr. and Mrs Benedict Bisordi), as did I, enjoyed watching the excitement of Francesca as she caught and reeled in a variety of species. I am looking forward to taking the parents on a Redfish and Snook charter in late October or hopefully early November.

Thomas Francesca

Post hurricane Irma report is that the waters are dirty, but the small fish are biting. Lots of mullet activity and should be good for Redfish, Snook and all of the species. Fishing will improve as waters clear. Be sure and watch out for debris under the surface for all boating activities!

This is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters LLC wishing everyone safe boating and tighter lines! Check out my website at for charter information or email me at Feel free to call me direct at 239-357-6829 for an immediate response. I am available as Captain for Hire (by the hour) on your vessel for navigational and safety instructions, fishing techniques and locations that will insure your every adventure is a safe success. This will allow you to get the most out of your boat and boating experiences. Pick up a copy of the monthly edition of Coastal Angler Magazine for my monthly fishing article.

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