By: Fishin’ Frank

Well our new hoodies are a welcome addition this morning with the temps at 60 degrees. It really was not that cold, but when it was 90 yesterday, it takes a couple of days to get used to it.

Fishing side of the report: Redfish are at the 41 bridge, the north end near the high line wires. This is going to annoy Austin – he has had those Redfish to himself up to a couple of days ago when a group of guys found them and yesterday a tournament boat found the school. Storm swim baits 3 or 4 inches and dark color, brown or purple. Jig them with about a 12 inch lift to the tip of your rod. If you are a bait guy, shrimp tail hooked is your best bet. Use a Carolina style rig, hook a 24 inch leader and a swivel with a bullet weight in front of the swivel. Putting a bead between the weight and your swivel is a good idea. Let the shrimp sit for a minute, then give the rod a sharp jerk up again no more than a 1 foot lift to your rod tip. This will lightly crack the sinker into the bead into the swivel, making a light cracking sound. Let the Redfish know your bait is there.

Snook are doing well here also. Again the Storm or the Berkley swim bait 4 inch for the Snook (any color as long as it is dark). Use an upward jigging motion, but you need to be very close to the pilings of the bridge.

Well I have a mountain of work to catch up on, I will give more reports as they happen. Check out our new on-line store. That is what I hope to help pay for the internet reports and Radio Fishin. Yes I do have to make money as bad as it sounds.

Thank you all have fun and be safe.

Fishin’ Frank

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