Captain Terry says “Fishing remains good inshore”

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)
August 17, 2016

Fishing remains good inshore, especially early mornings on high incoming or outgoing tides for Seatrout on the flats. Troll for Spanish Mackerel around Sanibel Lighthouse, in Redfish, N. Captiva and Boca Grande Passes, using spoons with swivels and 40lb monofilament leaders. Fish for large, Mangrove Snappers in the passes using small circle hooks, 3oz. lead weights with shrimps or small Pinfish for bait.

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Captain Terry says “waters should clear up as summer temperatures return to the 90s”

The last 10 days brought about a mix of good and not so good catches. Water levels were high enough, but due to the ‘on-slot’ of rain, muddy waters moved the fish from locations that I was expecting them to be. However, on the brighter side and with the exception of our normal afternoon showers, the waters should clear up a bit as summer temperatures return to the 90s. I am looking forward to some good fishing during the early morning hours and well into early afternoon in most areas, as water levels should remain high. Fish the tides when possible, as good water movement will enhance the bite.

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Captain Terry Says “Early morning fishing should be good”

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)

Early morning fishing (inshore and offshore) should be good over the next 10 days or so. We have a ‘New-Moon’ phase bringing in high water levels for the inshore anglers together with strong water currents that should enhance opportunities for offshore anglers as well.

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Captain Terry says “Seatrout, Spanish Mackerel, Jack Crevalle and Pompano are around and have produced nice catches.”

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)

Fishing is good in certain areas of Pine Island Sound northwest of the power lines of Cape Coral, Pine Island and Sanibel. The water in and around the mouth of the Caloosahatche River still has a ways to go to be acceptable due to the excessive water run-off from Lake Okeechobee. Because of this, most all of my charters fish the waters closer to Charlotte Harbor where the run-off has not had much effect.

The weather patterns have negatively impacted springtime fishing for game fish, such as Tarpon, Snook and Redfish. Seasonal migration and relocation patterns of these fish have been affected the lack of live Herring and Sardine baitfish. However, Seatrout, Spanish Mackerel, Jack Crevalle and Pompano are around and have produced nice catches.

Pictured here is LRay Burns of Fostoria, Ohio holding a big Pompano. Nice job LRay! Other of his catches included Seatrout, Ladyfish and Spanish Mackerel. LRay’s family, including his mother Marlene Burns is pictured with him. We all had a wonderful time and our prayers go out for LRay’s recovery.

IMG_2609 IMG_2606

I recently had the pleasure of fishing with a retired Sea Captain, Mr. Jim Boyd of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jim is pictured with one of many nice Seatrout he caught. The charter was for his grandson, Ryan Jushka (10) of Port Washington, Wisconsin. Ryan had a great day with lots of fish caught, including the pictures of him holding his first Pompano and a big Seatrout. Most of Ryan’s fishing experience is up north on fresh water, but wants more saltwater experiences. Good job young man. I am looking forward to next year’s charter!

IMG_2714 IMG_2710 IMG_2707

Fishing should be better for the Tarpon, Snook and Redfish throughout the coming days, as the Herring and Sardines are beginning to show up in better numbers. I have spotted more Tarpon of late and with the baitfish here, more will be coming.

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Check out my regional and local articles in Coastal Angler Magazine as well.

“‘In-shore’ fishing in March has been good for a number of different species” Says Captain Terry

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor)

‘In-shore’ fishing in March has been good for a number of different species, but more specifically for Seatrout, Spanish Mackerel, Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish and occasionally a Pompano on the flats. Live shrimp have provided lots of bites and harvest when fished under a cork on a weighted jig head in about 3 to 6 foot of water, over grass beds. March was the transition month to spring, with rising and stabilizing water temperatures.

March proved to be the month for large Seatrout. Pictured here are Bill and Sally Catinella, of Traverse City, Michigan with some of their nice catches. Bill and I share the same birthday date(s) and our ventures have become a yearly ritual, celebrating the occasion, in search for a ‘fish of a lifetime’! I am looking forward to doing it again next year and I have already marked my calendar.


Look for Tarpon, Snook and Redfish to ‘join the party’ starting early April. The water temperatures are dictating the migration arrivals of offshore and inshore species; including big schools of Tarpon, Kingfish, Cobia, hungry Snook and Redfish to gorge on bait fish leading the migrations.

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Christmas Memories

This past holiday season I received a phone call from Mr. Chris Kelly of St. Augustine, Florida requesting a charter (on a short notice) for his 10 year old daughter Chloe for either December 23rd or 24th. Like most local ‘Charter Captains’, I was fully booked through the New Year and the only day I had off was Christmas Day. I tried to find Chloe a ‘ride’ but to no avail. Her father told me how much Chloe loved to fish and had requested a charter for part of her Christmas present. Unfortunately, due to Chris’s work on the east coast, their time here was limited. After much consideration, I decided to take her for a half day run to some grass beds for Seatrout, Spanish Mackerel, Jack Crevalle and whatever else would bite.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and since Vicki and I had no family members at the house, I saw no harm in spending quality time with an upcoming junior angler (Vicki was not totally for it, as she wanted me to spend Christmas Day with her and 2nd Mate (Moby), our new Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy).


Chloe’s father was given my name by a captain from Ft. Myers, who was booked up as well, but who did not want to run on Christmas Day. I never thought that I would do a Christmas Day run, but ‘never say never’! I was glad I did. Pictured here is Chloe with mom and dad and some of their catches. Chloe is also pictured with a big Blue Fish and Spanish Mackerel, only two of many fish she caught that afternoon. Santa was good to her and she proved to be the avid fisher-lady that her father had indicated. Nice going Chloe!

IMG_2324 IMG_2323

Fishing over the holidays was great for every charter that I took out. The weather was warm and the fish were biting. More reports to come. Chris Kelly is the Dock Master at The Town of Marineland Marina, St. Augustine, Florida (

This is Captain Terry Fisher wishing everyone tighter lines! Check out my website at for charter information and more articles/fishing tips. I am also available as ‘Captain for Hire’ at 239-357-6829 or via email at

Captain Terry says “good fishing after the current cold front moves through bringing the bigger Sheepshead”

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) Fishing was fantastic for the whole month of December 2015. The warm weather allowed the ‘bait’ fish to remain on the shallow shoals, flats and around ‘piles’ of the bridges, making them easy targets for cast netting. All species were active; especially Snook on Pilchards while fishing the outgoing tide. Pictured here is Lili Bunch (one of my better junior anglers), from Leawood, Kansas, holding one of many Snook she caught just before the New Year. Her father John, caught his large Snook while ‘free-lining’ Pilchards under the docks in Cape Coral. I had the privilege of fishing with them both during the week of Thanksgiving, with similar success, around North Captiva and Pineland areas.

IMG_2352 IMG_2355


Not to be outdone, other of my young anglers had lots of action on live baits (under corks) in areas with turtle grass. Mile Marker 13 south of St. James City will usually provide action, so long as the winds cooperate. The fishery there is a big area. Seatrout, Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, small shark and Lady Fish should provide plenty of action for those looking for a fun time. Depths from 3 to 6 feet are best. Pictured here is the Mark Warren family of Glencoe, Illinois enjoying family time over the Christmas holidays. Caroline (10) is pictured beside dad with her Spanish Mackerel, while brother Jack proudly displays one of many Seatrout he caught throughout the day. Nice going guys!

IMG_2314 IMG_2309 IMG_2312

I am looking forward to continued good fishing after the current cold front moves through bringing the bigger Sheepshead in from the gulf.

In closing, meet ‘Moby’, a Labrador Retriever (11 weeks young). He will join 1st Mate Vicki as Fish Face Charters 2nd Mate. He is excited about the challenges that lay ahead to being a good and productive companion.


Charter information may be obtained by calling me direct at 239-357-6829. I am also available as ‘Captain for Hire’ on your vessel by the hour to assist with navigational needs, fishing locations and techniques. Check out my website at I may also be reached via email at HAPPY NEW YEAR!

“ Catch has been good for Snook, Redfish, Seatrout and Spanish Mackerel” says Captain Terry

This week’s forecast promises some nice weather for all boaters, fishermen and fisher-ladies alike. With the new moon phase, the tides are ‘in-line’ for good fishing in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. So far, the cold fronts have not put the fish down and all species are very active. Over the last week or so, the catch has been good for Snook, Redfish, Seatrout and Spanish Mackerel on the flats and back areas of Pine Island Sound. They key to catching them of course is four-fold:

  1. Right type of bait;
  2. Right type of presentation;
  3. Locate the fish;
  4. Fish the tides (water movement in or out);

Time on the water will go a long way to accomplish this, but the best way, is to hire a fishing guide (yours truly) that will explain tide movements in detail, offer fishing locations and techniques for each species.


Pictured here is Chris Satterfield of Lee Summit, Missouri holding a nice Redfish he caught on a shrimp. His son Aidan is pictured with two nice Snook he caught free-lining a Pilchard.

IMG_2254 IMG_2260

Aidan is an avid fisherman and is the most committed junior angler I have ever had on-board. His enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of fishing remind me of past industry leaders such as, Bill Dance and Roland Martin. The knowledge, skill and expertise he displayed on and off the boat was second to none.

His fishing club, Bent Rod Sport Fishing (Instagram address: bentrodsportfishing) is followed by a number companies and outfitters. He enjoys making lures and tying flies for fresh water bass and trout. His love for both freshwater and saltwater fishing propels him to study species and techniques via You Tube and through publications offering insights that will make him even better. Congratulations Aidan on your recent 14th birthday (December 11). Looking forward to our next adventure together!

This is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters, LLC wishing everyone safe boating and tight lines! Email me at or call me direct at 239-357-6829 to Charter or for a ‘Captain for Hire’ on your vessel to educate, demonstrate to catch your ‘fish of a lifetime’!

“The last couple of weeks produced lots of good fishing.” Says Captain Terry

The last couple of weeks produced lots of good fishing. The numbers of Redfish caught per charter was scarce, but nice size fish were boated. Pictured here is one of the bigger Redfish landed during November. It measured 33” and was caught by Rich Obser of New York. His wife Teri joined the party and is holding one of her catches. Both Redfish were caught on live shrimp. Rich and Teri had to go home to work the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade. Happy Thanksgiving to you both!


This week’s cold front did not suppress the bite too badly. The winds have been the biggest obstacle to overcome. Seatrout bite has been good on the grass flats using shrimp under a cork to suspend the bait. Spanish Mackerel, Ladyfish and Jack Crevalle joined in on most every charter. Pictured with a nice Seatrout is Lili Bunch from Leawood, Kansas. She is also holding a nice Redfish she caught around the docks at North Captiva Pass. Lili is a fly-fisher lady as well. I was impressed with her ability at 12 years young and looking forward to taking her out again during the Christmas Holiday. Nice job Lili!

IMG_2269 IMG_2278

Snook bite was also good. I am pictured here with a big Snook caught while free-lining a Pilchard. They have been the most productive presentation for Snook. Lots of these bait fish around the bridges of Punta Rassa for cast netting. Chumming the flats will also produce live bait, including Pinfish.


Based on the current warm weather forecasts for the coming week, I am looking forward to a continuing bite.

This Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters, LLC hoping everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Charter information may be obtained by calling me direct at 239-357-6829 or by emailing Check out my website at for more reports, tips and articles.

Fishin Frank says “Charlotte Harbor fishing is getting better by the day!”


Spanish Mackerel and Spotted Sea Trout are both starting to move into Charlotte Harbor in good numbers. The fishing is getting better by the day and these wonderful cool mornings are really helping. The rain has been slowing down and the rivers are flowing less and less, so this week and next we are going to see some great days for catching. Now if the wind would back off a little it would be perfect!

-Fishin Frank


One of our Fishin Frank customers wrote in on their weekend!

Hey Frank,

I was out on Friday and Saturday to see what was hitting.  Reds are still the play down here in the mangroves and the smaller ones seem to be feeding on shrimp.  Large Jacks are starting to move in and strike hard.  We have also had some Snook but they’ve been on the small side.  Lots of small Snappers have been working the canals and mangroves north of the Bridge.

Here are some pics of my 11 year old bending her rod in the saltwater for the first time.  She had a blast!  She says, “much bigger fish than the Bass” she had mastered in the local lakes, lol.  Here are some pics of her catches:

10-20-15-a 10-20-15-b
10-20-15-c 10-20-15-d