“Canal and ‘up-river’ fishing should be good with the cooler weather” Says Captain Terry

Christoff Linder's SnookMaik's CrevalleFt. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) Since my last report, we experienced some real shallow (‘skinny’) water in conjunction with a cold front and strong north/northeast winds. Fortunately, the fish remained active. Shown here is Maik Lindner of Frankfurt, Germany holding a nice size Crevalle Jack he caught in a Cape Coral canal on the way to the ‘flats’. His brother, Christoff is shown with his first Snook on an artificial presentation while trolling the canal. Both fish were caught the day before the last cold (cool) front. Once we were on the ‘flats’, both fishermen continued to enjoy angling Spanish Mackerel, Seatrout and other species.

Canal and ‘up-river’ fishing should be good with the cooler weather as Snook, Redfish and snapper populations relocate to ‘winter’ in warmer waters. The baits of choice for the canals will be artificial plugs such as, soft plastics, crank baits, twitch baits and top water presentations; otherwise expect to catch a lot of catfish.

On the ‘flats’, large Seatrouts and Spanish Mackerels will undoubtedly be the easier fish to locate and catch. Live shrimps will be the most effective baits. Look to find easy targets, such as Sheepshead and Mangrove Snappers around pilings, concrete and rock structures, using small ‘bait’ hooks, tipped with a piece of shrimp.

Until next week, this is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters hoping that my report will help you catch more fish. Check out my website at www.fishfacecharters.com for more articles and charter information. I am also easily reached at 239-357-6829 for any questions one may have.

Captain Terry says “I expect good fishing all of this week during the ‘full moon’ cycle.”

(FT. MYERS BEACH TO CHARLOTTE HARBOR) Last week proved to be productive fishing in light of the cooler weather and good tides. Morning or midday seemed to make little difference so long as one had the right baits and was fishing tide movements. I attribute part of the success to reduced water ‘run-offs’ from Lake Okeechobee together with reduced amounts of rain. In the ‘back country’, Pilchards have been producing more strikes and harvest for both the preferred species of  Snook and Redfish, while live and cut baits, such as Pinfish and grunts, worked well in the passes and offshore for Grouper and Snapper. Artificial baits have been productive for Crevalle Jacks, Spanish and King Mackerel.

This week should be good with the ‘full moon’ cycle providing good tide movement; but it is time to ‘get out there’ while the opportunities exists to get into the shallower areas as winter approaches bringing lower tide levels and slower water movement.
Kenny PearsonNicole Pearson Seatrout

Recently, I had the opportunity to fish with the Kevin Pearson and his family from the Ft. Lauderdale area. Pictured here are his daughter and son; (Nicole) showing off a nice Seatrout caught just minutes before her brother (Kenny Pearson) landed his 25” Redfish on the flats of Punta Rassa. Nicole also caught a Redfish shortly afterwards in the vicinity of Galt Island. Nicole was the ‘winner’ of that outing and I am looking forward to the next trip with Kenny and his family.

James WardJames Ward-2In light of the nice weather, a number of clients have requested late afternoon and evening ‘Sunset’ cruises to enjoy ‘dolphin watching’, serenity and some ‘family time’ on our beautiful waters. Pictured here are James Ward with his lovely wife Amy enjoying the evening with Harold and Carol Moldenhauer (James mother and father-in-law) all from the Detroit, Michigan area. They spend time each season on North Captiva and are seasoned ‘regulars’ to our area. Very nice people and I hope that I have an opportunity to serve them again.

In closing, I expect good fishing all of this week during the ‘full moon’ cycle. Fish tide and current movements with the baits that I have mentioned above and one should find success. Check out my website at www.fishfacecharters.com for more fishing forecasts, articles and charter information. I am easily reached by phone number 239-357-6829 or via email at fishfacecharters@yahoo.com.

Captain Terry’s Weekly Fishing Report

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) The good spring weather together with stronger and higher tides should prove to be the biggest asset to any fishing trip. The location that one chooses to fish should depend on the height, strength and time of tide movements for best results; especially when they work together with the early morning hours. Most all species should be very active and receptive to a variety of live or cut baits, both ‘in’ and ‘off’ shore. They are all here and virtually all of my charters have been successful finding and catching the ‘target’ species when working during good tide movement, be it ‘flood’ or ‘ebb’. The only exception to this has been the lack of a lot of Tarpon action.

P1050233Nonetheless, reports of Tarpon catches around Mile Marker 4 (off of ‘C’ Span by Sanibel) and other areas up and down Pine Island Sound are becoming more common. A few Tarpon are being taken off of the ‘Outer’ Islands as well. If one belongs to an organization such as; Cape Coral Tarpon Hunters Club, access to catches, locations, techniques and baits are easily obtained on a daily basis. Mackerel, Catfish, Mullet, big Greenbacks and Pinfish should do the trick for those looking for these fighting game fish.

There are lots of Seatrout in the grass and ‘potholes’ from James City all the way to Cayo Costa. I am finding that some ‘schools’ are producing numbers of big trout over 20” on a regular basis, but one needs to move around to find them (I am having most of my success for bigger fish in the northern corridor of Pine Island Sound, above Redfish Pass).

In the ‘back country’, big Snook and Redfish are both up and down Pine Island Sound on both the east and west sides. Other species, such as Crevalle Jacks, Bar Jacks, Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, may be found anywhere along the above corridor on the flats with the Seatrout.

The gulf is loaded with species such as; Kings, Snapper, Permit, Grouper and Cobia. Keep a lookout and a ‘rig’ loaded for Cobia. I keep a lead head with an 8”-12” eel ready to cast. The fish have been very active and I forecast more of the same over the next week with the added benefit of more Tarpon opportunity.

P1050235In closing, I want to acknowledge the casting and catching abilities of 15 year old Andy Batchelder of Carmel, Indiana (grandson of Lee Longstretch of Indianapolis). He is pictured here with two of the fish caught during his first ‘back country’ excursion using only artificial lures. I am looking forward to our next ‘outing’ together for more and bigger fish. Great going Andy! Practice your casting liked we discussed before next year and you may catch your ‘fish of a lifetime’!

If anyone has any questions or would like more information on your favorite type of fishing, feel free to contact me at 239-357-6829 or email me at fishfacecharters@yahoo.com. Check out my websites and my article ‘links’ at www.fishfacecharters.com or www.captainterryfisher.com

Lee County Fishing Report with Captain Terry

Fishing has been good for most species at certain times of the day. The bite has been predicated mostly on the water temperature especially, after the sun has had a chance to warm up some of the locations. Most of the mornings I go out, it proves to be slow until the warmth sets in on the flats and shallow areas. I have had the opportunity to see lots of feeding frenzies from Jug Creek Shoal, just off of Bokelia all the way down to St. James City and the Causeways of Sanibel. These feeding frenzies are including ladyfish, Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, Crevalle Jacks and Sea trout. Lots of game and fun!

Last week, I took the opportunity to check out the activity just off beaches of Sanibel and Captiva Islands. There is Tripletail on the buoys and Pompano off the beaches and in the passes. The Spanish Mackerel are showing up everywhere, both offshore as well as in Pine Island Sound.  The water temperature is good for these migratory fishes. Although to date, I have not had much success with the Sheepshead as I would like, but I suspect as the water cools the bigger ones will be on their way.

We are catching some small Redfish around the Spoil Islands and nice size Snook on moving tides along the creek cuts with mangroves and deadwood for bank structure. There are plenty of Grouper in Pine Island Sound holding in structure (fallen trees along the banks with deep holes of 6ft-12ft). Flounder’s are being caught in the surf off the beaches and on the harder bottom and around the channels, passes, mangroves and Spoil Islands. I understand there will be Cobia as long as the water temperature holds. The baits of choice for most species are shrimp and cut bait fish. Naturally, artificials are working as well. Watch for the birds and top water feeding frenzies as the sun warms up the water and get your presentation to them and have some fun!

Until next week, this is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters. Check out my website at www.fishfacecharters.com or contact me via email at fishfacecharters@yahoo.com. I am easily reached via phone at 239-357-6829 if you have any questions on where and how to catch the fine game fish.

Lee County Fishing Report with Captain Terry

(FT. MYERS TO CHARLOTTE HARBOR) Last week proved to be one tough week for locating and catching the large numbers of Seatrout, Reds, Snook, Tarpon, Crevalle Jacks and other species compared to the earlier weeks of September. However, this week should start with stronger tides and high tides providing new opportunities, weather permitting. The wind forecasts are for stronger and changing directions with periodic gusts hampering some fishing efforts complicated by both wind and lots of floating seagrasses. My suggestions will be to avoid the winds by positioning your watercraft to allow the winds to assist with casting and staying against the land providing the most cover from the winds.

The new moon will provide the currents and other incentives to entice strikes during the early morning hours. Off shore will provide opportunities as well, but be prepared to deal with the winds. The shrimps are large and they along with Pinfish and other cut baits should continue to offer the bests results. Fall is in the air and the game species are moving back to the rivers and canals offering terrific opportunities for both beginning and professional anglers.

If you would like to inquire about any fishing or boating needs do not hesitate to contact me at 239-357-6829/239-471-7332 or email me at fishfacecharters@yahoo.com. Check out my websites on www.fishfacecharters.com or www.captainterryfisher.com. Until next week—GOOD FISHING!

Lee County Fishing Report with Captain Terry

(Ft. Myers Beach to Charlotte Harbor) Wow, what a wonderful fishing experience for those that had the fore-site to go out and fish the days before, the morning of and days after Tropical Storm Issacc! I had the opportunity to fish all of the above with both charter clients as well as with my wife Vicki in the Cape Coral Canals, Pine Island Sound, the back country of Punta Rassa and Matlacha Passes. They all produced great sport fishing for hungry and aggressive Crevalle Jacks, Snook, Tarpon, Redfish and Trout alike. My  clients enjoyed violent strikes from both Snook and Jacks on artificial baits. We caught several 17”-22” Seatrout on shrimp under corks and Vicki landed a 42” Tarpon in the ‘spreader’ canal in Cape Coral on her favorite MR 19 Mirro-Lure twitch bait ( the key is to know how to ‘twitch’ it)!

We have a full moon for most of the weekend together with subsiding winds and I cannot wait to get out over the Labor Day Weekend anticipating both great weather and great fishing. I will be targeting Redfish north of Matlacha Bridge, as well as the northern parts of Pine Island Sound to confirm that they are still holding in those areas. All species seem to have been charged up by the dark waters, stronger moving tides, giving the anglers a chance to make unsuspecting presentations.

If you need any information to assist with your boating or fishing needs, give me a call at 239-357-6829/239-471-7332 or email me at fishfacecharters@yahoo.com. As always, check out my weekly and monthly articles at www.fishfacecharters.com.

Lee County Fishing Report with Captain Terry

By Captain Terry Fisher, Fish Face Charters

(FT. Myers to Charlotte Harbor)  Back Country/Flats fishing has really picked up in Lee County in the areas from Ft. Myers Beach to Bokelia on Pine Island, including Matlacha Pass. I have had good success with Snook, Sea Trout, Crevalle Jacks, Sheepshead, Mangrove Snappers, Flounder and a couple of Permit.  I am finding the Snook on the beaches, in the passes and in or at the mangroves on the high incoming tides. This should continue to be the pattern for coming months in regards to Snook.

Many of my recent charter customers have been enjoying what I call ‘Sport Flats Fishing’; catching Sea Trout, Crevalle Jacks and Redfish on only artificial baits.  I am having most success as the last half of the tide rises over very shallow (2ft.) sand/grass flats surrounded by spoil islands and mangroves (doesn’t hurt to have an oyster bar or two around).  All one has to do is lay a top water plug (Heddon Spook Jr., Bomber or other brand), jig a Gulp Shrimp in white or penny across the bottom and if you’re not hooking one every 5 casts or so, then change your method of retrieve or relocate the boat and repeat the process. One should be able to spot fish feeding on the surface. This is the time of the year to try the top water artificial baits. They will draw vicious strikes from virtually every game fish on the flats.

In regards to the Snappers and Flounder; fish the deeper cuts under mangroves as well as heavy structure areas with a mixed bottom. Work from the shoreline and mangroves out to about 4ft of water. The Mangrove Snapper and Flounder will both take a jig as mentioned above but prefer a small 2/0 circle hook with a small live ‘summer’ shrimp weighted just enough to get it down.

The last week of July should produce more good fishing. If I may be of assistance to offer advice or charter services, I am easily contacted at 239-357-6829, via email at fishfacecharters@yahoo.com or check out my websites at www.fishfacecharters.com or www.captainterryfisher.com.