The comfort and safety of attendees, exhibitors, and staff at the Charlotte County Boat Show is of utmost importance and we are committed to ensuring the best possible safety, sanitation, and social distancing efforts are made during the boat show.

As the show is free admission, there is not a concern for lines or contact at the show entrance. Show staff will monitor and maintain social distancing requirements in the entrance/exit areas as needed and will provide complimentary facial coverings and Hand Sanitizer upon entering the show.

Social Distancing
Because the show is largely outdoors and very spread out, it lends itself to easier social distancing than many other events. Displays inside the Exhibition Hall have been redesigned with wider aisles to prevent crowding. Exhibitors will help maintain social distancing by monitoring the number of guests allowed in their display and limiting boat tours to one group or family at a time. Show staff will also monitor and assist with crowd control at peak times.

Face Coverings
Masks or face coverings are required inside the Exhibition Hall and are strongly encouraged (but not required) in the outdoor portions of the show. Complimentary masks are available at the show entrance.

Hand sanitizing stations will be conveniently placed throughout the show grounds. Exhibitors will sanitize within their displays and boat show staff will regularly clean, maintain restrooms, empty garbage bins, and disinfect surfaces.

To ensure the Charlotte County Boat Show experience is safe and enjoyable for all, signage throughout the show will remind visitors to maintain social distance, make use of hand sanitizers, and to think of the safety of others. We appreciate your cooperation in taking these simple steps, as events like the Charlotte County Boat Show are important to our economy and our need to return to some semblance of normalcy.