Because more boaters are enjoying Southwest Florida waters than ever before, it’s essential that all boaters are familiar with the basics required for a safe and enjoyable experience—no matter how new or seasoned the captain.

  • What are the differences in wake zones?
  • What do all those lights, markers, and buoys mean?
  • How should I pass or approach another vessel?
  • Where is it safe to run my boat?
  • What’s the best way to tie up my boat?
  • What kind of gear should I have on board?
  • What’s the deal with different types of life jackets (PFDs)?
  • What are the basics of being a safe and courteous boater?

Get answers to all these questions and more at the all-new Be In The Know Zone presented by Go Boating Florida. Stop by the exhibit located in the Caloosa Sound Convention Center to talk with experienced boaters and pick up a free reference guide to keep on your boat.