Captains and Speakers
Fishin Frank
Capt. Josh Olive The Fish Coach
Capt. Karl K.B. back country Charters
Capt. Danny Latham
Reaper Rods Capt. Austin
WKDW Radio Show host RJ 97.5 fm
Pastor Donnie Host of God and Fishing WKDW Radio 97.5 fm

THURSDAY Topic (Subject to Change)
10:30 Snook & Redfish
11:30 What lures work for largemouth and just slam Snook?
12:30 Fishing wrecks in the gulf
1:30 Fishing with low winter tides
2:30 Triple Tail and Cobia; Where to and how to
FRIDAY Topic (Subject to Change)
10:30 Bass & Snook how to
11:30 Snook & Redfish
12:30 Choosing lures: What color pattern for water color and temp?
1:30 Lure or bait: How to decide which will catch
2:30 Canal and River Tarpon
SATURDAY Topic (Subject to Change)
10:30 Redfish & Snook how to
11:30 In-shore fishing: The Flats and creeks
12:30 Should you use live bait or lures?
1:30 Big Snook; From under the docks and piers
2:30 Grouper & Snappers; What hooks and does artificial work?
SUNDAY Topic (Subject to Change)
10:30 Fishing the tides and weather
11:30 Snook & Redfish
12:30 Triple Tail and Cobia; Where to and how to
1:30 Canal and River Tarpon
2:30 How to choose your Tarpon Tackle