Where do I park?
Convenient remote parking is located at First St & Altamont Ave, just west of the main show entrance (near Publix). Parking is only $5 and includes a free two-minute shuttle ride that brings you right to the show entrance. There will be plenty of signs in the area to direct you. While downtown parking may be available, expect to walk several blocks to the show entrance. We encourage you to take advantage of the shuttle from the First St lot.


How do I get there?
From I-75: Exit 138 and head west on MLK Boulevard and head west into downtown, about four miles.

From US 41 (from the south): Follow signs leading you into downtown (before crossing the river).

From US 41 (from the north): Take the first exit over the river and head east on First St where you’ll find several cross streets that lead to the show (between Lee St and Monroe St).