Putting a boat gadget under the tree may feel like a cruel joke in the rest of the country, but here in Southwest Florida they make great gifts! Retailers are recommending you get a head start on your holiday shopping this year, so we’re putting out our 2020 boater’s wish list a little early! Our gift guide includes great ideas for all the captains (and Floridians) on your list.



Non-Tipping Drink Holder
Rogue waves, errant elbows, and good ole gravity are no match for these drink holders meant to keep cans and tumblers upright. Plus, they’re great on and off the boat.


Hook Extractor
A simple tool like this hook remover lets anglers catch and release easily and humanely, including deep-set hooks and fish with small mouths.


Local Gift Cards
Putting a little extra thought into where you grab a gift card from makes this option feel a lot more special. Maybe choose their local marina, the dockside restaurant they always rave about, or even an outing like a kayak tour or eco-excursion. Check out our boater’s directory to find local marine retailers, charter services, and more.




Color Night Vision
The closest thing to gifting someone a superpower, color night vision cameras let boaters navigate safely and confidently in the dark. This model streams to Android/iOS devices so it’s simple to use when it matters most.


Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
Give the gift of peace of mind. Should the worst case scenario happen, an EPIRB provides a direct link from the boat to the Coast Guard. The device relays the vessel’s location to a network of search and rescue satellites so the nearest responders can get there fast.




Pet Swim Ladder
This one’s a win-win for boaters and their pups because pet ladders like this one allow dogs to get back into the boat whenever they want without all the awkward hoisting.


Wireless Speakers
It doesn’t matter if your boater prefers yacht rock or country, a portable speaker like this makes it easy to blast their favorite playlist wherever the day may take them.




Message on a Bottle
Boaters are notoriously into their boat names, so why not have their vessel’s moniker engraved on a bottle of spirits? Whether it ends up on a display shelf or poured in a cup, it’s sure to be a hit.


Custom Boat Mat
Because you can never have too many things with your boat name on it, treat your favorite captain with a custom embroidered boat mat. 


3-D Nautical Map
For the boater who’s good on gear, commemorate their passion with a wooden nautical map of their local stomping grounds. Layered depths and details like islands and channels make these Florida coastal maps beautiful and interesting.


Happy shopping and happy holidays from our crew to yours!
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