Over the last 10 days I have had the opportunity to fish from the mouth of the Caloosahatchee to Charlotte Harbor in search of Redfish, Trout and more recently Tarpon. I have found that the fishing has been better for all 3 of the species mentioned above north of the power lines, which service both Pine Island and Sanibel Island. Albeit, the tides have been higher ‘south’ of the power lines, but the productivity has been lacking.

Pictured here are two of my favorite junior anglers, Adriana Leohr (7) and Seth Loehr (11) of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Adriana caught her first big Snook. Seth is holding a ‘super-sized’ Seatrout. They caught these on their annual ‘outing’ with Captain Terry. Great job kids! Their father Andrew, is holding a 25” Redfish he caught around the Punta Rassa area. Looking forward to more fun and great fishing next year. I always enjoy, welcome and look forward to seeing this nice family.

Josh and Robbie (Grandson’s of Tom Moslander), from the St. Louis, Missouri area, are frequent guests on Captain Terry’s charters. They are each holding one of two Redfish they caught a couple of weeks ago on a 2ft. incoming ‘tide’ in Pine Island Sound. Great job boys! These guys get better every year. Looking forward to our next trip, during your visit to Cape Coral, to see Aunt Marie! Marie, a friend and neighbor, accompanies her nephews on their fishing trips.

Tarpon are here and the numbers continue to improve. Pictured is Mike Aden of Cody Wyoming, with his 95lb. Tarpon. Mike is an avid outdoorsman and has fished and hunted ‘around the globe’. It was a pleasure to watch him work the ‘Silver King’ from start to finish. It was caught in the northern area of Pine Island Sound on a Pinfish, suspended under a balloon. Linda, his partner in many of his travel adventures, is pictured holding one of two small sharks caught during the charter. Hope to see you two in November!

Seatrout fishing has been productive. Redfish are more prevalent in numbers (over the same time compared to last year) with many being caught. Tarpon numbers will continue to improve as the ‘Hill Tide’ arrives mid-May. This is a good time to ‘go fishing’!

This is Captain Terry Fisher of Fish Face Charters wishing everyone ‘tighter’ lines and ‘fun’ on the water. Contact me directly at 239-357-6829 or email to [email protected] to reserve a charter on my new 23ft. HPS Pathfinder Bay Boat. I am also available as ‘Captain for Hire’ (by the hour) on your vessel for safety, navigational instruction, fishing techniques and locations, that will help insure your every ‘outing’ is a success. Check out my website; www.fishfacecharters.com or pick up your copy of COASTAL ANGLER MAGAZINE to read my monthly fishing articles in the Ft. Myers section.

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