Seventeen boats braved the “unknown” by taking a trip down the Gulf of Mexico for our annual trip to the beautiful Naples Boat Club. Why that adjective? September on the Gulf of Mexico… are you going to deal with a potential hurricane or be delighted by a gorgeous sunny day. Some southbound boaters experienced bumpy seas, but all arrived safely. Those cruising were Y Knot, Phil and Pat Kryger;, Infinite Sea, Paul and Stephanie Carrico; The Geezers, Stu and Jane Harelik; MarKate, Mark and Kate Lewis; Princess, Jim and Edie Limbright; Surface Interval, Bruce and Sue Longman; B Mine, Joe and Kelli Mille;, Hardee II, Hal and Dee Moss; Sharon Ann, Len and Sharon Palmisano; Luna Sea, Doug and Michelle Rhees; Spoiled Yacht’n , Armond and Pam Sykes; Still Crazy, Jeff and Joanne Ziemer ; C R Side, Bob and Carol Peterson; Wine Down, George and Carol Smith; Happy Ours, Gary and Kathy Taake; Knot Again, Larry and Maryanne Habich; and Sunkissed, Phil and Lyn Quick.

Club members experienced three days of clouds and lots of rain. However, it did not lessen our appetites for food, drink, and fun & games. So that everyone could relax on arrival day, cruise leaders Phil and Lyn Quick, saw to it that no one would go hungry. One hundred and fifty pieces of fried chicken were provided along with hot buttered biscuits, potato salad, and sliced tomatoes. Way too much chicken. Pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream was a wonderful finishing touch. Needless to say anyone requiring chicken for the rest of the cruise did not have to look past the refrigerator to find plenty of leftovers.

Cruise leaders Phil & Lyn Quick announced at this first night dinner that the cruise FUN activity was a three day “triathlon”. Goal? Win in each one of the three night cocktail party sporting events.


1. An adult version of Pin the Tail. We super imposed a picture of POTUS on a pictured donkey. Members were paired up for each of the three day triathlon with others’ spouses to keep things interesting for all the games. For pin the tail one of each couple was blindfolded, spun around and attempted to pin the tail on the jackass. Lots of laughs were had by all. Various table games finished off the evening and then everyone retired to their floating homes for a good nights’ sleep.


Day two provided us with even more rain. Therefore several card and other table games became the activity for many in the beautiful Naples Boat Club Clubhouse. After a nice continental breakfast of pastries and fresh fruit several members pulled out their rain gear and walked to Tin City and Fifth Avenue to help stimulate the local economy.
2. 2nd night of the triathlon – Couples must break the balloon. Female members had a balloon secured to their back. And partner had to squeeze the balloon between the couple from behind and break it. Tight squeezes and booms of breaking balloons brought lots of laughs. After this activity, with the help of some members who drove down, members were shuttled to Fifth Avenue for a splendid Italian dinner at Cafe Luna. Forty-four members had a satisfying dining experience.

Thursday morning had more bakery delights provided as another gloomy wet day was upon us. No one was brave enough to put on bathing suits and sit by the pool the entire trip. A bus trip to the Naples Zoo was cancelled due to rain. Most people figured a way to offset the weather and make the best of the day. Happy hour was moved up a half hour to allow for the final leg 3 of the triathlon.

3. Pantyhose bowling brought more belly laughs. To understand this game, a ball is placed in the foot of one leg of panty hose stocking. The waist opening is then placed over your head. Water bottles placed on the floor, like bowling pins must be knocked over by swinging the ball, no hands please. This was a timed event meaning downing the three bottles quickly wins. Prizes were then awarded to the top five couples who bested their counter parts in each of the three daily events.


We then walked to the front of the Naples Boat Club building to the Wharf Tavern to have a wonderful lobster dinner with all the trimmings. Luckily it was a short, sheltered walk, because…you guessed it…yep…still raining!

Most folks retired early knowing the forecast for a northbound departure day was again uncertain. Some left at daybreak and some left at their leisure to take on a smooth Gulf and relish the great times we all had. We look forward to the next cruise trip to again enjoy the camaraderie and boating that the Cape Coral Cruise Club provides.

The Cape Coral Cruise Club is open to new members who own a boat with overnight accommodations and reside in the Cape Coral / Ft. Myers area. For membership information please contact Phil Kryger at 239-541-0236. View a short picture video of recent Club activities and read additional Club information on its website, www.c-c-c-c.org Like us on Facebook.

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