Don’t be afraid to get wet!

There is a lot about fish we don’t know, but one thing I do know is that they are already wet, so rain would not make a difference to them. Let’s leave aside pressure issues with the water, and just look at why would fishing in the rain be better?


1. If you get in your car and look through the windshield easy to see everything, but when it starts to rain you can not see. Same with fish underwater when they look up through calm water it is easy to see you sitting
there in your boat.

2. Have you ever been under a aluminum roof when it starts to rain, you can’t hear each other, same with fish under water. The rain makes so much noise hitting the surface they don’t hear you.

So rain makes it easier to sneak up on the fish, they can not hear or see you as well during the rain.

Fishin’ Frank