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For Southwest Florida boaters, action above water is just part of the picture. Rich in underwater adventures, this special area of the world provides the diving enthusiast with everything from reef and shipwreck diving to spearfishing and more. And, with a host of dive gear shops and dive clubs to choose from, finding what you need and who to do it with is never far away.

Everything you’ll need before you get out on the water:

Lee County Waterway’s App – Smartphone app with GPS navigation, weather radar, fish ID and more
Florida Coastal Water Temperatures – Up-to-date sea surface temperatures from the Weather Channel
Lee Reef’s Common Fish Species – Identify fish commonly found on Lee County’s reefs
Diving Etiquette & Regulations – Angler and Diver Tips that help to protect our reefs
FWC Saltwater Fishing Regulations – Regulations, fish season and more