October Fishing in SW Florida

By Captain Terry Fisher

Early October failed to produce a lot of charters as well as opportunities to boat or fish in as much as strong winds and rain put a damper on things. The weather forecast for the week of the 8th of October is looking pretty good and should allow access to both inshore and offshore locations.  Unfortunately, I will not get to join the hunt for RED OCTOBER (Redfish) until the week of the 15th as I am traveling to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Fortunately however, I will have a week of Scuba Diving and some fly fishing, on the flats of those islands and cays.

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Post Hurricane Irma Fishing Report

By Captain Terry Fisher

The waters are still dark and dreary from Hurricane Irma. However, Mullet are everywhere and in bigger schools than I have seen in a long time. A variety of fish are biting, if and when you locate them, as there is not a lot of fishing pressure, due mostly to the time of year along with efforts to clean up after the storm. Baits such as shrimp are as good as I have seen prior to the storm. Other baitfish; for cast netting are off the beaches and are more active during mid-morning hours.

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Fishin’ Frank Late September Fishing Report

During the end of September focus on redfish and tarpon over on the west side. You’ll be able to find a group of 3-4 redfish holding out under the mangroves in a slightly deeper pocket. A shrimp with a rockport head or just free lined will help pull them out of their spot to eat. The tarpon seem to be just out from the mangroves or out on top of the bar. It may take a while to find that sweet spot this time of year but after you find it, you’ll stay busy.

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Fishin’ Update 08/24/17

We are getting reports of Sheepshead in the Canals around Cape Coral and in Punta Gorda Isles. Seems like winter time in some of the canals. Yes, Fourteen inch and larger fish. How strange is this?

Spanish mackerel are growing in numbers around Charlotte Harbor. We are seeing more and more from the reef off Alligator Creek to the passes and out into the near gulf waters.

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HOW’S FISHIN’? Ask Fishin’ Frank

Red Fish were hiding from me this weekend, but on the East side against the first row of Islands Snook, Snapper and Tarpon, all were pretty easy.  The tarpon wanted top water plugs.  The larger Heddon Torpedo or The Skitter Walk, and it was darker colors, like gold or bronze colors.  The Trick to the hook up was starting and stopping the lure with a short hard pull.  Then a complete stop for 2 seconds, and repeat.

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August 11 Fishing Report

The inshore bite has been as good this year as any I recall. Snook are in the passes, under docks and in the back areas of Pine Island Sound. Plenty of white bait, Pinfish and other offerings will entice these fish. Snook season opens September 1st, so I suggest one takes the opportunity to practice up on angling skills so as to land and harvest a slot-size fish when the opportunity arrives next month.

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Subject to working around the squalls and storms, fishing was good over the last 10 days or so. Pictured here is Mrs. Lou Wolsefer of Clairmont, Florida holding a big Spanish Mackerel, one of many fish she caught on a half-day charter. Her son, Evan, is holding a nice size Seatrout. I had the pleasure of taking the Mark Wolsefer family and their friends on three expeditions last week while they vacationed on N. Captiva. Some of the family and friends are featured in a photo prior to departing on one of their adventures. Thanks for the memories guys and gals!